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    Do you store used milk packets cover for selling it?

    As in our previous days, we used to sell the read newspapers and used milk packet covers which are made with polythene covers in numbers as they will generate some revenue for us. As today we are selling the read newspapers in Kilograms but we are not able to sell used milk packet covers due to unhygienic. Do you still sell the used milk packet covers? What are the precautions do you take so that they are not unhygienic. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Instead of selling used milk packets, I send them for recycling. As a community, we practice recycling of garbage - residents in my apartment complex, segregate garbage, and the collected waste either goes to our in-house composting facility or disposed of to recycling centres and landfills.

    Old newspapers are collected and sold, and the money earned from the sale is given to different charities. I used to give away the old newspapers to my house help, but of late I started giving it to the volunteers, who help the needy.

    Storing used milk packets is a problem. You need to wash them thoroughly and also dry them so that they don't attract cockroaches and other pests.

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    Milk packets cover are of good and strong quality polythene and can be used for various purposes. Only thing is that they are to be washed thoroughly and dried before using them. Many people just sell them without washing and some recyclers take them especially in Gujarat state. Long back when I was in Gujarat, we used to sell them to a person coming once in two days to collect them. At that time (year 1984) he used to pay Rs 1 for 6 covers.

    Now we are giving it without any money to the garbage boy separately who is collecting and taking it to the collection centre for recycling. He might be getting some small money from there. This is the best thing to recycle them along with other recyclable materials.

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    We regularly don't use milk packets. We purchase milk from the actual seller. He comes in the morning and gives the milk in cans. We will transfer to our vessels and give him back the cans to him. Only once in a while, we purchase milk packets. We will give those empty packets to our servant maid. She will clean them properly and sell it to the recycling person. We will never collect money from her for these packets.
    My servant maid's husband is having a tea shop. He will use many empty packets. He will sell all those to the recyclers. So the packets we have given to her will also be sold with those packets.

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    No. We don't take care of emptied milk pockets to have them sold. We throw them in wet dustbins. They are carried by the Metro garbage vans for disposal by burning.
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    I have seen some people keeping them and giving to the kabari. We just give it to the persons coming to collect the plastic items for environmental protection. Due to the sticking of milk on the inner side of the covers it is not hygienic to keep them in house for long. It is better to get rid of them as early as possible.
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    kabari means what?
    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    A kabari or kabadi (kabadiwala) is a Hindi / Urdu term for someone who buys all your trash or junk. He is a scrap dealer. A kabadiwala is the person who comes around buying old newspapers and old books, bottles and plastic cans and other damaged and discarded household goods that can be recycled or refurbished and sold.

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    No, I have not done that ever. We keep the empty milk packets like other garbage and throw it. I don't think someone will give a penny for these used packets.

    But that's good if someone uses it for recycling of polythene.


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