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    The only day in your life.. your mother smiled when you cried!!- Happy Mothers day

    Every year 12th May is celebrated as Mothers day. Matru Devo bhava is Sanskrit word originated from Taittiriya Upanishad which means mother is a god. We revere mother to god.

    Rudyard Kipling says "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. The quote of late APJ Abdul Kalam about Mother speaks volume about a mother. According to him, the only day in your life.. your mother smiled when you cried is on the day of your birth. A mother giving birth to her child is an emotional day for her. The first cry of the child brings smile on her face.

    A Mother's love is unconditional and eternal. There are umpteen number of stories and incidences on mother sacrifices.
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    A good thread by the author regarding the love and affection a mother shows towards her children. It is true that only one she will laugh at our cry.
    She will never mind about her eating and she will always ensure that the children will be happy always. That is the greatness of a mother. The relation for you with your mother will be 9 months more than with other people. The moment you are in her she starts loving you. She smiles if you kick her with your leg from inside. She will feel happy even though you are troubling her A mother never bothers about herself when she has to take care of her children.
    As a child, it is our duty to take care of our mother in her old age. We should provide her with all the required amenities and we should hold her hand and make her walk. Then only we can say that we are doing justice to our mother for the love she has shown us.

    always confident

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    Mother is the eternal source of love and affection in our life. She gives birth to the child which is a part of her own body and she can not in any way feel separate and distinguishable from him. Mother is the divine originator of the new life and keeps the child in womb for such a long time. It is very natural that she develops a strong bond with the baby and feels it as if talking with her.

    We can not repay the love and affection of mother as that is beyond any evaluation. It flows like the heavenly nector in the family and makes all the members happy and joyous.

    All the mothers on this Earth deserve special respect and honour for their contribution in producing and preserving the human race on this planet.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mother is an abode of love and care for his children. She is the source of inspiration for her children. She bears all the pain to grow her children and never complains of tiredness, and proves to be the most obedient for her children.
    Right from the birth of her child or even before birth, a mother is a shade of protection for her children who protects them from all difficult things. Doesn't matter how much naughty a child is, a mother always consoles and praises her child. Her love is eternal without any 'GST', her love is pure and selfless. There is no entry fee from a mother to love her children. It is natural that a mother is always ready to die for her children and feels restless when they face any trouble.
    So, children should always respect their mothers as she is the most respectable personality. Give her all the respect and lower your voices before them. Never shout on them but say words of love and respect before them.

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    Absolutely mother smiles only once when you cry that is on the day when the person takes birth.

    Just like other festivals mother's day comes once a year to make this day a special for your mother. She is the person who keeps you happy and doesn't let you hurt even she gets hurt in the process.

    There is something beyond words to express to the person who helped you to walk and talk, who helped you with school, and who gave you all the love she possibly could. Show her you care by acknowledging her value in your life. And if you don't have your mom around, take someone who is like a mother to you out for lunch or dinner.

    Those People are fortunate who have a loving mother as she is the only one in the world who will take your side even knowing it that you are wrong. So make this mother's day a special day for her.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    "The best medicine in the world is a mothers hug"- Anonymous. Every creature in the world finds solace on the lap of mother.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    There is no comparison for motherly love. It is the ultimate degree of affection a person can have. The child can not understand the gravity of this attachment but the mother knows this well and manifests it in her behaviour. Earth is giving us everything food, shelter and all round support and then only we call it mother Earth.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mother is called by different names in different languages in India- like Mom, Mummy, Amma, Tayi, Ma, Talli, Mata,. There may be many more.

    Any additions?

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Let me first point out that most of the countries including India celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. This year it will be on 12 th May, but not every year.
    It is so true that for the expecting mothers, the first cry of her newborn is a fulfilment of motherhood. If the child does not cry then it becomes the saddest day of a mother's life. Later on, a child's cry only puzzles the mother more and more. It pains the most.
    I don't know what type of a mother I am, but my mother was absolutely an epitome of love and sacrifice not just for her children but for everyone in the family.


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    A meaningful quote by APJ Abdul Kalam about mother - "When mother is happy, family is happy. When family is happy, nation is happy". It is very true in all respects.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    12th May 2019 is celebrated as Mothers day world wide. On this great occasion wishing all Mothers , a happy Mothers day.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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