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    The wife and husband should complement each other like Salt and pepper

    The taste of a dish depends on the correct proportions of salt and pepper in the preparation. If anyone of the two is missing, the dish will not be tasty. At the same time if one of the two items is more also the dish is not good for eating. The dish will become waste. Sometimes when we feel salt is high we will add a little pepper so that the dish will become eatable. If pepper is more we will try to add some salt and make the dish eatable and try to complete the food without wasting it.

    In a family, if the wife and husband understand each other, life will be smooth and they will have peace of mind. If there is no proper understanding between them the entire life will be bitter only. Both wife and husband are important and equal in a family. Any point if they discuss and come to an understanding the life will be tasty like a dish with correct quantities of salt and pepper. If one person thinks he is more important than the other the family will be like a dish either with more salt or more pepper. Always disturbances will be there.

    If the wife is angry the husband should cool down so that she will become normal and if the husband is angry wife should cool down. If this rule is followed the family will be always happy. It is like adjusting extra salt or pepper with the pepper or salt.

    So I say a wife and husband should complement each other like salt and pepper for a happy life.

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    A good post by the author bringing the idea of blending the salt and pepper in our married life. Yes, it is true that the both the ingredients are required in proper proportion for a successful married life and peaceful coexistence.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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