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    How would you relate yourself to a “competition”?

    Can you figure it out of about why few of the brands went missing from the market while many others are struggling with their performances with being highly unpredictable for the future outcomes in comparison to the other similar brands which are doing well in the market? Rationally this is happening in different phases and at all levels of our personal & professional lives with this being consisted of anything that we can even imagine of by being part of this all the times but at the same time not realizing this fact on our own.

    Don't you feel that this is a proven fact that each time we initiate with an action or with a thought we intend to go ahead of the others & this could be in terms of anything like to excel in the business or positions?

    In its absolute sense this is the case with every living entity on this planet may it be the insect, an animal or a human being but what makes this interesting to me is that we all are doing it unknowingly.
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    Unawareness of latest trends and not getting updated may the reasons for the once upon a time good brands for getting vanished from the market. But there are some branded items which are doing well in the market. The new companies take the existing best brands as their bench mark and try to go beyond that product. That is the reason new brands are getting into the market and overtaking the brands in the market.
    Same is the case with human beings also. In this competitive world one has to compete with him only and always try to beat his earlier bests and create new bests. This speaks about the spirit of the individual. I feel it is very much required for the success of the individual.

    always confident

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    Success of a business entity or a personal endeavour requires a dynamic attitude and ability to accommodate with the changing social, political and commercial environment. There is competition everywhere and it is not a simple competition but is a real cut throat one where the predators are ruthless to kill the other prospective businesses.

    The technological advancements are making some of the businesses quickly out of the game due to fast changing consumer items and in this process a lot of inventories are piling up due to the new deigns and innovative material/ service offers.

    There is no place here for the lazy and slow as the dynamism is the key to success and monopoly in the business arena.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To stay in the competition one must evolve in many ways. While everybody is targeting to beat the other, one must find ways to stay in the business. Along with the quality of the product, price is an important factor. With these, there are seasonal offers where everybody is providing hefty discounts. Innovation is one such thing which will help to stand apart. The business house must also concentrate on the varieties because these days people always compare. The days of monopoly are over and everybody is venturing into different avenues to expand the business. This is because if one fails or becomes outdated there is a chance of survival with the other one.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    This is very normal as everyone wants to be ahead to survive in the competitive world.

    Competition among people is essential to estimate who is better at a particular task.
    Such people don't want to restrict themselves to a particular level, so keep on competing even when they know they are the best at any particular task.

    Or maybe they want to gain respect in the eyes of others. In most of the cases they are deprived of respect they always wanted themselves to have. So they compete to fulfil that hollowness by defeating others and destroying their confidence.

    Also, some people don't want to be compared because they don't find it good, they either prefer their own means of learning and fulfilling their self-respect or they are apathetic in nature.

    Therefore being competitive has positive as well as a negative aspect.

    I am not competitive by nature as I don't want to compete with others as everyone has his own nature so we cannot compare one with another.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Every coin has two sides & so is the case with "Competition" & that's where the world seems to be ruthless & at the same time we being helpless, unable to do anything.

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    The recipe for success or failure is slightly variable in personal life, a career and in the commercial sector because the endpoints are not the same.

    When it comes to the retail sector or the business industry, the terms change, adaptability and good business acumen is vital to success. When there are too many players in the field, and competition is cut throat, the first to consider above, think out of the box and read the pulse of the end user becomes the winner For instance, the online food delivery sites and apps. This sector has phenomenally grow in front of our eyes. Every week, I see a few more 'traditional restaurants' in the region getting listed.

    In our individual lives, we are at a stage where in jobs are not easy to get by, earning money in an ethically correct way is challenging, expenses are increasing, so yes, we are in a competitive world and at this time, sitting/being passive for chances to come by is not going to work. We need to be aware of the changes around us, the dynamics at work-place, the potential new avenues for a better payscale, moving out of our comfort zone, all this becomes important. So, yes, I am aware of the 'competition' in my professional sector and focusing on betterment.

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