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    The story of TINA and NOTA

    Well, members, TINA is not an actress of any film industry, neither my next door neighbour. Actually, I am not referring to any human being here by that name. It's election time and we tell others the importance of voting. Many of you have already exercised your franchise and many still haven't. There are threads raised on different topics concerning the present parliamentary elections and we know how everybody is excited to discuss the topic. When it comes to predicting the winners' everybody will predict something or the other with logic. In an EVM, at present (which are manufactured after 2013) a maximum of 384 candidates can find their names, this includes NOTA too.

    I am not going into the usefulness of NOTA, but I think a serious introspection is required about our own activities. The common perception of politicians in the country is almost the same. People think that politicians are a bunch of corrupt people whose job is to meet their own ends. Though there are a few good ones in the lot, the general perception is the same. Even very corrupt politicians win elections. The reason is simple and that is a large number of people vote for them. If people are so dissatisfied with the politicians everywhere, we could have seen a large number of votes casted in favour of NOTA. But, in reality, this is not happening and many corrupt leaders are winning the race. When we have so many choices to make, including the choice of not to choose anyone, do we choose by thinking There Is No Alternative (TINA) to a particular candidate even knowing fully well that the person is corrupt?
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    TINA and NOTA. Good.
    There is no alternative than selecting somebody in the list. If all belong to the same category we have to select the best among the worst. Even NOTA also will not help in stopping a person from getting elected. If everybody is mentioned NOTA and if one vote is in favour of one candidate, the candidate who got one vote will get elected. In such case, it is better to select one of the candidates thinking that we don't have any alternative.

    Unfortunately, in our country in the present times, no good person will go to politics. So we have to think of the best among the available. If there are some people who are good also they have no voice and the majority always wins.

    always confident

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    There are few candidates who are really honest in the political arena and due to this the options are limited. May people are not able to decide whether to vote or not in such a situation and have an apathy for voting process.

    Candidates have their own following and the followers have a loyal affiliation with them and they do not bother whether the candidate is honest or not as they are only bothered for their affiliations. They do not like TINA or NOTA as they are very clear in their mind as to vote for whom.

    Until unless more honest people join politics the situation might not improve and voters will continue to vote blindly to their own candidates.

    Knowledge is power.

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    An interesting train of thoughts about the electorate, their choices ( or lack of it) in the context of our national elections. NOTA has been chosen by a few first time voters and reported in the media. There are different views about NOTA and it sounds to be logically the right choice if an voter is not convinced by the aspiring candidate(s).
    Coming to TINA, it happens in many places, for lack of a better alternative, people keep voting for the existing candidates.In such circumstances, I feel NOTA is better than TINA.

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    It is really a big problem for the voters when they see that there is no candidate coming up to their expectations. In that scenario they go for TINA or NOTA. So, it is a type of compromise that they are doing to somehow get rid of their moral obligation of casting a vote but it is not a healthy sign for the democracy and democratic values.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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