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    Is there a problem with consanguineous marriages?

    When I was studying in the Science subject in school maternal marriages are harmful. Another type is Blood-related marriages are called consanguineous marriages most commonly in our part of the world, first cousins uncle's son marries auntie's daughter or vice versa. However, another type of marriage is where maternal uncle marries his niece (sister's daughter). Is there a problem with maternal marriages and consanguineous marriages. Is it a belief or a scientifical fact? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Yes there is a huge problem with this system. There isn't enough gene diversity this way. Not really, but when you keep thinking about it, its similar to speciation. But that's just an analogy don't take it seriously. We want gene diversity to battle different diseases better and to have better features as a human. And when married to close relatives, infertility rate is said to increase among women of future generations. Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution, himself was a victim of close relation marriages. His family was marrying their cousins since a long time. This made their bloodline weak. Darwin was the first to oppose interbreeding and outline its disadvantages.
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    Marrying in close relations is a subject which has been discussed in social and medical circles time and again and as per the medical science it is believed that marrying in close relations can bring some genetic disorders in the offsprings in the sense that some diseases can manifest in its severe forms.

    Still in sone communities, these marriages are common and are not a taboo matter.

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    Consanguineous marriages are the marriages in close relations like near cousin and maternal cousins. During the primitive times when the small groups of ancient human beings lived in isolation to each other, probably the consanguineous marriages were very common as there was no other way. We do not know how it affected the people then but today the scientific community believes that such marriages can create some of the hereditary diseases in their enlarged form in the next generation and it is definitely a matter of concern. There might be some strong biological reasons for that but it is sufficient to create a fear in the mankind for such a match.

    So in order to avoid the adverse affects of these relationships it is better not to go for the marriages in near relations.

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    Though close relationship marriage is prevalent in certain pockets of society especially in the south and still the worse is they believe that such a negotiation is the ideal one.
    We have had discussion on this issue a number of times highlighting the drawback in such an unusual marriage in relation to genetic disorder giving rise to High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Heart - problems and host of diseases as a result of genetic disorder.
    Hence every care has to be taken for the off - springs envitable after the finalisation of marriage with the close relationship. Any disorder caused to them would result in mental agony apart from massive expenditure by way of treatment and hence a serious consideration is required on this issue before finalising the same.

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    There are cases where the close relations marry and faced many problems. A the same time there are cases where ther in problem reported. If you see the statistics , there are more chance to get medical problems for the people if the marry close relatives. That is why many doctors advise not to go for such marriages.
    So one should be careful before taking a decision of marrying a close relations. Both the gent and lady should contact the doctor and get them tested and get his advise and based on the advise given by them only a decision is to be taken. Just like that we can't take a decision.
    One should think twice based on the medical reports and then only a suitable decision is to be taken.

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    It is scientifically proved that there are more chances of a child getting genetical disorders which are born out of consanguineous marriages. Therefore it is always advisable to avoid marriages between blood relatives.
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