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    Honesty and integrity are eternal truths of life

    We often see so much of hatred, so much of lack of integrity and honesty. This does not just not taking any bribe and being honest. Honesty and integrity should extend to moral values too. Nicknaming of political opponents, deriding their economic status and so on have become so bad in taste and the public discourse has taken a turn for the worse. A pronounced communal agenda has been put in place against minorities and the most violent speeches of the ruling party members are being, very, unfortunately, lapped up by sections of the media.

    Yet, we do observe that only honesty and integrity can always win. Even in politics. Those who work for the larger good and have the welfare of the society at heart, are still admired. Names like Narayanamurthy, Azim Premji, Ratan Tata are examples. Even in politics, we still have some good leaders whose record of integrity is there for all to see. We, the common people of India have a duty. If we pay all our taxes, show all our income that gets credited in banks from various sources, do our bit to protect the environment and so on, we will have done a great service to the nation.

    Let us do that just.
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    Very true. Honesty and integrity are permanent. Person who leads life with Honesty and integrity is always respected in the society. We need set as an example to our younger generation by inculcating moral values in our life. When the elders do not practice , it is wrong on our part to expect our younger generation to be honest and virtuous.
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    The entire world is running and being run with the help of power of honesty, otherwise we cannot imagine the situation that could be if honesty and integrity is absent. Everywhere people trust on honest person, be it job or home or any organization where people reside and work.
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    A person with honesty and integrity will be the final winner even though he will have some setbacks during their journey of life. Sometimes we feel we are getting ditched because we are honest. We feel we lost in the race because of our integrity. But it is not true.
    Dharma Raju in Mahabharata lost his kingdom by playing with Sakuni who deceived him. Duryodhana thought that he is the winner and he will be a monarch. Pandavas never left their honesty and integrity. They suffered a lot during their stay in forest and later in Virata Raju's kingdom. Even then they have never gone against ethics and values. Finally they won the battle and enjoyed the kingdom and Duryodhana died in the hands of Bhima.This is the best example to say that honesty and integrity are very important for success. Because Lord Krishna knows that Pandavas are honest he supported them and seen that they won the war.

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    It is true that honesty and integrity are the most important traits in the life because today whatever order and sincerity of the purpose is there it is only because of these divine attributes. Let us preserve them for eternity for the welfare of the human race.
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