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    Have you ever tasted an egg with salt and pepper?

    An egg is the best source of animal protein. Egg contains proteins, Vitamin D, Sulphur, vitamin A, etc which are necessary for the growth especial for teenagers. Sometimes people don't like boiled egg due to the smell of Sulphur. So, the boiled egg should be consumed with salt and pepper to avoid the smell and to make it tasty. Similarly, the half fried egg should be eaten with salt and pepper to make it tasty. Half fried egg or boiled egg is the best breakfast if you are a non-vegetarian.

    Salt is needed for the metabolic process and important for the well-functioning of the body. Pepper has medicinal values. So, salt and pepper are used in everyday life.

    Have you ever tasted an egg with salt and pepper? The respected members are requested to share their experience.

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    A culinary post by the author and the recipe is mouth watering. I love boiled eggs with salt and pepper. They are so delicious. Many people who want to avoid oil fried omelettes or egg bhujia will definitely like the boiled eggs with a little of salt and pepper. Another variation is to take them sandwiched between a pair of bread toasts which is equally yummy.
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    I like eggs too much. I don't miss to add two eggs in my breakfast except on Saturday my fasting day. I prefer boiled egg than half boiled. I sprinkle pepper and salt on the neatly cut eggs and eat. Yes. Truly, it gives a fantastic taste.
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    I am a pure vegetarian. Hence I never tasted egg in any of its form. Even we don't eat chocolates, biscuits and other preparations where egg is an ingredient. So Ihave no expetience in this accept. But I have seen many of my friends sprinkling salt and pepper on the boiled egg and eating it.
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    We can not imagine to make egg dishes without salt and pepper especially at breakfast time. I relish it with these two ingredients though I occasionally add green chillies to it to make it hot and tasty.
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    Yes, the egg is tasteless without salt and pepper. Even any dish is incomplete without it. My kids don't eat boiled egg but with black salt sprinkled on it makes it tasty and they cannot resist eating them. Those who don't like eating boiled eggs should try it and find a difference in the taste.

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    Yes, it really tastes nice. Actually, when I have boiled eggs I always add a little salt to it but I do not add pepper every time. I tried a couple of times by adding both salt and pepper and I relished it. Mainly I add pepper in omelettes which adds a special taste to it.

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    Egg without salt and pepper tastes bland. All three ingredients make for a very tasty dish. At times I do not add pepper, but the fact is adding pepper with salt to an egg is always tastier than eating egg only with salt.

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