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    Salt and pepper defend against the hacking attacks.

    Salt and pepper is generally used in the context of food items but they are interestingly also used in computer sciences. Salt and pepper are random data which are added to a data set before generating a hash code. This helps in making the cryptographic hash functions more secure and it is more difficult to reverse them.

    Salt and pepper, both are used to add to data set before generating hash code and the only difference is that salt data is stored alongside the hash value while pepper data is either stored separately from the hash code or not stored at all. Unlike salt, the pepper data is kept secret.

    Hashcode is used to verify data integrity and is a basic element used in encryption. Generally passwords are stored as hash codes. To prevent the stored passwords from being exploited by hackers, they are generally stored as a hash code. Still, hackers break it using precomputed tables of hash codes commonly known as rainbow tables. The importance of salt and pepper technique comes handy here as they defend against such hacking attacks.

    So, salt and pepper is a peculiar but useful nomenclature in the world of encryption.

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    A very interesting and unusual entry. Adding salt and pepper to passwords, sounds funny at first but on reading the thread completely, it makes sense to me. To safe guard our passwords, salt and pepper random data is use, great, new information to me.

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    A new information from. The author regarding the usage of Salt and Pepper in computer coding. The salt and pepper technique is useful in preventing hackers to break our password. What is the salt data and what is the pepper data is to be understood to appreciate this concept. Good attempt by the author .
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    Very interesting post by the author and is very informative. The use of terminology salt and pepper in the software area is a new information for me. A very intelligent way to make coding safe and secure.
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    Informative post written by the author. I have heard for the first time about the salt and pepper coding in computers. I didn't know that salt and pepper nomenclature is used to protect the data from hackers.

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    A very informative post about Salt and Pepper in terms of technology. Every user is concerned about network security and hackers are evolving new methods to steal data all the time. Whether it's a server or a personal computer, security is a must to prevent attacks from hackers and the more robust the encryption, the better is the protection.

    A very good entry where salt and pepper landed directly from the dining table to the working desk.


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    It is an informative post. The author has explained it well to make a novice like me to understand the implication of salt and pepper in technology. Thanks for the post.

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