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    Satirical speeches are need of an hour in political drama!

    As we see the elections are going, political party leaders(regardless political parties) prepare speeches in a satirical way so that the people will get attracted towards the leaders. As in Telugu movies, we call it as Punch Dialogues. As Modi in his speech makes a satire against Mamata Banerjee(Didi) as Mamata Banerjee counter with another satire against Modi similarly Mayawati and others. Do Satirical speeches really attract the people and it will drive to cast the votes towards the leader and his political party. Who is the best leader in giving or delivering satirical speeches? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Mr.K.C.R of Telangana is known to be one of the best speakers in delivering punch dialogues and satirical dialogues. Even his enemies also likes to listen his satirical dialogues and comment on them with the same interest. Yes, satirical dialogues or punch diaogues directly help the message to reach the people. Politicians using this method to ruin the image of their opponent in people.

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    It is time for the politicians to showcase their ability to speak. During the elections, they avail this opportunity as the opposition party is set as a target to hit for the public to wonder. Most of such speeches would not be a hate speech but funny and humour. The public should filter out such sweet speeches. They should not take it to heart and feel good or bad. Let us enjoy and forget their speech once for all. Who knows? They might join hands if there is a hung parliament after the declaration of election results. Didi might shake hand with Modi. Maya too might like to go close to Modi.
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    There are some leaders who are expert in delivering a satirical speech and people listen to them with interest. It requires a good control on the language, selection of words and knowledge of politics of the country in depth. During elections the last minute effort by the leaders is made to woo the voters and it is then that the satirical speeches and dialogues help.

    Every Govt does work. It could vary in magnitude and effectiveness but few of them know how to present it to the public so that they are impressed with the oration. Escaping the weak points and emphasising on strong achievements is one technique used by these orators. They will generally not talk loose and will be hovering around national issues rather than localised ones. Delievering satirical and impressive speeches requires a lot of information assimilation coupled with knowledge of our history and present expectations of the society.

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    The satirical approach of conveying your thoughts would be best of the mediums but only in case when this has been used in best possible ways & therefore not possible for all to use this perfectly. The PM Modi is a versatile with very much in accordance to the time & situation & so he should be the good choice in context to the current thread.

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    Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav is one more political leader who speaks in a satirical way and attracts people with his comments. Our vice- president Mr.Venkaiah Naidu who speaks with many interesting satires in his speeches. Mamata gave satire to Mr.Modi's intimidating speech by calling him "Expiry Babu" became popular at present.

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    Satirical speeches are good to here. That too if we hear that speech in our mother tongue we will get attracted more towards thar speaker. KCR the Telangana CM speaks good Telugu and the ascent will be like that Telangana language speakers only. As such many people will get attracted towards his talks.
    NTR the TDP promoter was also very good in making such speeches. People used to go to meetings to hear him. He made the party successful with his meetings only. I have seen no other leader who is as good as him in speaking.
    Modi is also a very good speaker and he keeps on making punch dialogues against opposition leaders.
    Such leaders only can make good speakers.

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    It's an art to deliver satirical speeches. By using humour, politicians criticize the opposition candidates which is not a direct criticism but often a hard hitting one. Nowadays, we see politicians engage in mudslinging which at times violate the MCC. There are many politicians who are warned about these type of activities. Interestingly, satirical speeches are taken in a lighter vein and people as well as the media seems to be enjoying these speeches.

    After all, who doesn't like to laugh and cheer when the environment of the poll campaign warm up to a certain level? It's hard to say whether these speeches have any effect on the voting pattern but undoubtedly it proves the oratory skills of the speaker.


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    Everyone cannot give a satirical speech. It is really a gifted talent that some people can do it. In our country also a few leaders are having this art and they get good audience to listen to them.
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    Satirical speeches may amuse the audience for the time being but its impact on the mind of audience will remain for long. Such satirical remarks hurled by the leaders does not speak well of their personalities. Leaders of past years like Lal Bahadur Sastri, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, Mr Nehru etc could generate favourable impression because of their style of speech.
    Not necessarily the satirical speech will always attract the crowd. The public would like their leaders are truely concerned for the improvement of their lives by making roads and schools in the villages. They are also eager to see their leaders are honest in terms of performance in their jobs.

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    Before KCR, Raj Thackery is the one who gives satirical speeches in Maharastra. As they were very funny and expose the weakness of the other...
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