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    Do you perceive your friend's voice in mobile after longtime when they converse with you?

    "A friend in need is a friend deed" this is a common proverb in English when you say about a friend but we might miss our friends due to several reasons but unexpectedly if they call in mobile we may not able to recognize this happened for me once. As in your life this incident may happen? where you can not perceive your friends voice in mobile after a prolonged stretch of it that difficult to recognize others voice in mobile? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Depends on about how close that we used to & how often that we talked, disagreed on a certain terms & how often that we spent the time together. It's not easy to forget someone that once you were very much fond of but "yes" if it is quite a while than perhaps the immediate attentions may get missed.

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    If we have too many unaccountable friends, it would not be easy to recognize their voice over a mobile phone. With very limited friends, we can always recognize them. More than their voice their accent matters. I have many friends who recognize me through my simple Hello.
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    This will depend on the closeness of the friends. How frequently they meet and how frequently that talk on phone with each other are important for recognising the person by hearing his voice. Generally, I will be able to recognise the people from my office and some friends by hearing their voice. Anyhow we can recognise the family members by hearing their voice. One advantage in cell phones is that if the person calling you is in your contacts by seeing his name you can recognise him even though you contact them once in a while. But if it is not there list, you may get only number. If you have true caller you can recognise the person.

    Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend. I talked to him almost four years back.He has givenhis number in face book and I noted down that number and called him with a new number which I have taken just three months back. But he recognised me by hearing my voice and called with my name. I got surprised and asked how he obtained my phone number. He replied he recognised me by hearing my voice. I am surprised that he is able to recognise my voice after four years of gap. I appreciated his remembrance power.

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    Yes, I do. It happens with people as sometimes they don't recognise your voice. But that's not the case with me. I easily recognise anyone's voice even he or she calls me after years.

    I remember once one of my colleagues from ex-company called me after around 15 years and asked you know who's calling. I said yes and said why he called me after so many years. He said he lost my number and got it from a common friend. He was amazed at how I recognised his voice even after so many years. Maybe we were good friends so I was able to do it.


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    It varies from individual to individual as some people recognise it even after a long gap though some others cannot guess correctly. I am also poor in this judgement as one of my classmate called me after a long gap and I could not make out till she talked many things and reminded me about those days.
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    Haha I am in fourth year of engineering so, I and my classmates have seldom talked this year. And only few days ago a friend of mine called me and pranked me badly. It was very bad. She sounded very serious and her voice was different. Later she confessed it was her and it was a prank. It is weird because I have always known her voice very well. I never thought I will fall for a prank like this. So I guess its normal to forget even your best friend's voice when only some time has passed.
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    An interesting post by the author. Earlier I was able to distinguish the tone and shrill in the voices of the classmates or friends even if they rang me after a long gap. It was so easy to guess. Unfortunately off late I am getting a bit difficulty in my judgement which though I am not able to decipher the reason but can attribute to my past spells of illnesses as well as the age factor.

    So my receptions and recognising the voices area is probably weakened and manifesting in this deficiency.

    Anyway, I am still able to recognise the voices of close friends and relatives easily.

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    When we do not converse with a person after long time , it becomes difficult to recognize the voice of the person. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing when the person does not disclose his identity and insist that you identify him or her. We will have to manage such situations very diplomatically. If you fail to identify the person it gives him the impression that you have forgotten to him.

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