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    Need of Chanakyas in the opposition camp

    The election in India is unbelievably complex. Hundreds of political parties, thousands of caste and communities, different regional aspirations, political leaders of different spheres of influence, etc. make the election very complex.

    So, all political parties understand the need for modern-day Chanakyas in their folds. BJP has Chanakyas like Amit Shah, Himant Biswa Sarma, Ram Madhav or Sunil Deodhar in its fold. The party president Amit Shah is himself adept in this game of political calculations and chemistry.

    On the other hand, opposition parties seem to be woefully short of Chanakya in their camp. The only person of similar stature in the opposition camp, Prashant Kishor, is not active in this election.

    Is there any other Chanakya in the opposition camp? Am I missing someone?
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    If there were any Chanakyas or even one Chanakya in the opposition camp then the political scenario would have been quite different. In place of offences and abuses, there would had been agenda related sharp attacks on the ruling party and it would had been a difficult time for them to answer those graceful questions. Unfortunately, by the childish deeds of the opposition the ruling party is getting more strength and sympathy of the public and that is going to be an adverse thing for the opposition as far as the election results are considered.

    If Chanakya was there he would had definitely selected a leader before forming the Mahagathbandhan so that everyone knows the king beforehand and that would had been advantageous to them. Without a declared king how can you win in the war. A group without a leader will collapse by itself creating more disorder in the process.

    I appreciate the author for bringing in the absence of the vision and intelligence of Chanakya in the opposition and fully agree that this absence is not a theoretical one as it is going to cost them much not only in the present elections but in future also.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no Chanakya in the opposition camps, but all the leaders in the opposition camp think that they all are Chanakyas to win against BJP. Every Chanakya has different strategy and ideology that won't match with each other. They are all confused fools who cannot think of their PM candidate.
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    The Congress party never thought of beyond one family & therefore the implications is severe now & who care about who are missing till they have this "surname".

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    BJP thinking that Mr.Amit Shah as their political chanakya. Because of the Modi wave in 2014 his tricks worked. But in this election Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah have lost their sheen completely and lastly roaring like wounded lions. Once the results out the chanakya strategy of BJP will be out. News analysis is saying not only in north indian states but also in his own state Gujarat may see a severe set back in this election.

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    Let us see whether the prediction of ISC Chanakya is correct. or not. Let's wait till 23rd May 2019.
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    Chanakyas are very important for making right strategy to win in elections. Simply by blaming the ruling party the opposition will never win th election. The people should be against the ruling party and they should get attracted towards the developmental and social activities of the opposition parties. Then only they go for voting to opposition party.
    But if you see the present day situation the opposition parties are having only one agenda that is blaming the ruling party. Nobody is named as their leader. There are many leaders and all of them wants to be the leader. There is no person like Jayaprakash Narayan with them to plan and guide them for success. None of the party leaders know who will be their leader if they win.
    So I agree with the author that there are no Chanakyas in all the opposition parties. Of late I read somewhere the TDP leader from Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu is being proposed by Sonia as next PM. I don't know how far it is true.

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    Chanakya always works behind the scene. He never comes to limelight. Is there anyone in the opposition camp?
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    A timely and precise post by the author bringing out a grave deficiency in the opposition which is really a matter of concern for the opposition which has become desperate also in their behaviour now.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We have a Chanakya common to all parties. He is Dr. Subramanyam Swamy who is an economist, lawyer and a good advisor, and a follower of Bhagavat Gita. Leaders are much scared and worried as he might turn against the ruling camp too. A daring politician of India. Now he supports BJP and is in the NDA. He doesn't believe much in BJP's ideology. A straight forward Chanakya of India.
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    From a purely discussion perspective, the opposition certainly lacks a Chanakya like Mr.Amit Shah. The duo of Mr.Modi and Mr.Amit Shah have been the face of the BJP. The opposition is one that is united by the old adage which is, an enemy of my enemy is my friend. The opposition sorely needs a common platform, common agenda, a fresh Prime ministerial candidate or face. It needs a popular public figure that would cut across party lines and turn the tide in favour of them. So, yes, a Chankaya or even a shrewd backroom mind that can see the larger picture is missing in the opposition.

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    Not only Amit Shah, at local/regional levels also, BJP has many Chanakyas like Himant Biswa Sarma, Ram Madhav, Bangaru Dattatreya, Sunil Deodhar, etc. All of them are working silently behind the curtain to ensure the party's victory.
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    For me, all politicians are Chanakya as they are skilled in making a public fool.

    Coming to your point I think Congress party is lacking good leaders and maybe that's the reason their chances of winning this time seems to be very little. I like Kapil Sibal from the party. He speaks well.


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    Chanakya is not known for oratorical skill. Chanakya is famous for backroom maneuver.
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    There is a need for Chanakya in the opposition camp because there is no unity among them. They talk about a grand alliance but there are internal bickerings among the alliance partners. The problem with the opposition is there are too many parties and too fewer leaders to lead a strong alliance. This also comes true for Chanakyas. Their objective is not coming together for a single cause, rather win as many seats on their own. The objective of the opposition is not clear and from the rhetorics, one thing is coming out and that is they want to remove Mr Modi.

    Well, when you are in politics you must think of unseating the opposition but at the same time, you must have agendas and objectives. When these are missing what is going to be the job of Chanakya? Let's wait till 23rd.


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    BJP has many Chanakyas like Himant Biswa Sarma, Ram Madhav, Bangaru Dattatreya, Sunil Deodhar, etc.

    I am laughing on this comment, Chanakya may be 1 or 2 in 10 million and they think every one in BJP is chanakya. If they have so many chankyas. Why they are not able to propel economy properly, why they are increasing farmers payments to 1.5 times and why jobs are lowest in 45 years.

    Comment like so many chanakya is showcase the blind faith on particular party and ideology.

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    When people stop reading the real history of the country, such things happen. People have forgotten why Chanakya was famous. He was famous for backroom maneuvering in favour of Chandragupta Maurya. Here I meant to say that there are many such Chanakyas in BJP who do exactly the same thing for the party.

    Now I am tired of reading useless, meaningless response just like the previous one.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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