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    "Salt and pepper" Strike the right balance to be successful in life.

    Salt and pepper, the quintessential couple on the dinner table (even when the table is empty!) is something all of us are familiar with. Both come in different shades and forms, both with a different taste, in many ways both are diverse but yet in the right combination, the two transform a simple dish to a wonderful culinary experience.

    Let's apply this in life, shall we? As humans, we want to be successful, some of us dream to achieve success, some of us strive hard to achieve success. So, dreams (salt) and hardwork (pepper) are vital for an individual to be successful.

    On August 28th 1963, a great man Martin Luther King Jr, said 'I have a dream" and the rest is history. This dream who remained a dream but for his perseverance, sacrifices and hard work towards civil and economic equality. Likewise, many of us 'dream (salt),' dream to buy a coveted expensive car, dream to buy our first home, dream to get the first rank, so on and so forth. But this alone is not enough to succeed in life. Most of us work, some of us work hard without a vision or a dream. This mechanical hard work alone bears little fruit and takes a heavy toll on our lives and the family members too.

    So, in short, salt alone would make one very thirsty and leave an unpleasant experience; similarly dreams alone would not transform into success and eventually the individual does not progress in many facets of life. Likewise, pepper alone would burn the tongue and palate; too much of hardwork would be counterproductive and adversely impact our lives and the lives of people who love us.

    Let's learn to have the right balance of salt(dreams) and pepper(hard work), not only to be successful in our lives but also enjoy our success.

    My entry to the month end TOW
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    A right combination of salt and pepper will give a good taste to the dish. Any mismatch will give a different taste and people may not be able to enjoy the food. Similarly one should have an objective or target in life and hard work is required to be successful. Any mismatch may not give the desired results. The author called dream as Salt and I say aim and planningis like salt and hard work is like pepper. A right combination. Of these two will be the success in our life.
    The author made a good comparison and narrated his thoughts in a realistic and best way. A good post for the competition and I wish him all the success.

    always confident

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    Very rightly said by the author that dream alone cannot achieve anything. It has to be followed by hard work. Thus, dream ( salt ) goes blank without hard work (pepper), but the writer has rightly pointed out that the proportion of the two has to be perfect. Excess of anything or nothing of any two will not yield the desired result. So, proportion matters the most.

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    A very good post by the author that describes the importance of balance between dream and hard work. Salt as dream and Pepper as hard work is a good combination. We know how food tastes when there is a right combination of both salt and pepper. Likewise, in our life also things are required in the right combination. Our dreams must be pursued with hard work. Only dreaming and not doing anything cannot provide the result. On the other hand, only hard work without any goal will lead to nowhere. A right combination of both is a must.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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