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    Try to keep a proportion in life to become valuable and attractive like Salt and Pepper match

    Salt is the basic element of life for all living things on earth. It is essential for the proper function of the body. Carnivores (meat eaters) can get it from the meat they eat. But herbivores (vegetarians) have to search and find the salt deposit from the mineral-rich soil/rocks and or evaporation from the leaves to lick and maintain their nutritional balance. We, humans also need to eat salt because it increases the sense of taste, but we desire it more than we need. Even the human body is a big carrier of salt. Our blood, sweat, tears, semen are all salty.

    There are powerful symbolic meanings of salt throughout the world. Salt is a symbol of love, purity and strength, friendship and hospitality, etc. Yet then, human's mentality forces the salt to be considered as a very cheap/low-cost thing. A story narrated in the biblical era also shows something the same. It says A loving daughter is rejected by her father because she said that she loves her father as much as salt in her food. Later, when he is invited to a feast where food is prepared without salt, is tasteless though all other spices are added and then only her father realizes the importance and value of salt. He appreciates daughter's love and declares herself as his most lovable daughter.

    When we say about this pepper, it is one of the prestigious costly spices and most widely-traded spices in the world. Also, It is a precious part of Human life since ancient times, having numerous medicinal as well as flavoring values.
    Here, both Salt and Pepper boost the taste of your dishes, and their health value too. The difference is that one is a prestigious or high status costlier and another treated as a common or ordinary cheap one.

    We also know that the use of too much or too less of pepper or salt or any one of these, will not give the taste and aroma to our dish which we really expect. On the contrary, our dish may be ruined and also taste and health. Therefore, it is important that one should use in a correct proportion of both above to maintain the taste and health.

    Similarly, human society and life are also a mixture of people like poor, rich, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, healthy, unhealthy, Tall, Short etc.etc. If somebody of you is rich, but you may not be intelligent. Add and use the intelligence of a poor from your society to reach the height you want. If you then beautiful and intelligent, but not healthy then take the help of any healthy person among your society to reach your expectation. Try to make a proportion to match your work and get appreciations from the people.

    What we should learn from Salt and Pepper mix is that each and everything has its own value if it is mixed in a required proportion. Too less or too much of anything is harmful or tasteless regardless of their price. Therefore, try to incorporate the people from all the level of our society into your life, on a required proportion subject to your need. Then for those people who experience you, for them, your life will be most valuable and attractive like Salt and Pepper mix. Thus enjoy your life and also give happiness to your dependents/surrounding people.

    This is an entry for tow contest Salt and Pepper
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    The author has presented the mixing of salt and pepper in the bigger context of people in the society and it is true that until the attributes of the people or a group are mixed in a proper concentration and proportion, the society will not progress. Salt and pepper are only the symbols of the characteristics and traits of the people and these are to be handled in a balanced and positive manner for not only the individual growth but the well being of the population at large. A proper mixing of the ingredients will only make the recipe successful. Similarly the life will be happy and expectations fulfilled if correct portions of the attributes are used in all sort of endeavours.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There are different types of people. Some are soft and some are hard. Some of them are wise and some are unwise. All these people should live together and see that the whole society is peaceful and will go on normally. All are to be mixed like salt and pepper in sufficient proportions. Then only we will have a achievable life like a tasty dish.
    A good submission by the author applying the concept of salt and pepper in a bigger proportion.

    always confident

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