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    Commercialization of moral values & moral victory: Do we still have difference in here?

    How come that we still tend to differentiate in between the two because our ultimate goals have now got restricted to the commercialization of moral values or better that this be describe & relate with and to around "money". In today's world there is nothing that we may refer to as good or bad relation but instead there is increasing competition on how mean & selfish that we can be & for whatsoever reasons there can't be any exception onto this.

    The software of malicious programming has really entered & penetrated into our personality. What further?
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    These days commercial success has become more important and people always try to achieve it by hook or crook. They never bother about ethics and moral values. They never bother about deceiving the others. In manufacturing sector there will be associations of similar product manufacturers and they all meet and discuss and come to an understanding on the rate so that people can decided on the minimum rate. Many government Organisations will go by the least quote. So if they are deciding on the minimum rate and all of them quotes around that rate there are chances that they will get orders based on earlier supplies and their production capacities. But after the meeting one or two companies deceive the others and quote less than the minimum rate decided by the association. They will get the maximum quantity and the others will get lesser quantity that toif they accept the minimum prices given by the other supplier. Many people use this technique to kill the small players who AR dependent on the government orders.
    Like this the people will not go by ethics and never think about moral values but they care only for their success. Too selfish and very bad thinking.

    always confident

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