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    My "salt and pepper" marriage - our differences make us a perfect pair.

    It's been around 15 years that we are married and living happily. It was not easy to adjust when you have an arranged marriage as we don't know much about our partner. It is after spending time with him or her we come to know the real personality of the partner.

    Everything was fine when we used to talk over the phone before marriage but it was after the marriage I came to know that her nature is completely different and almost unmatchable with me like "salt and pepper".

    She is more extroverted but I am not. I want to stay in whereas she wants to go out. she is a late bird, I am a morning person. I prefer peace whereas she likes loud music. There are many more things which indicate that we have different characteristics.

    It's not easy to live when you have a partner of such a different opinion. But with each day, we both learned how to adjust and compromise. It's all about patience, acceptance and compassion which has made us a good pair. I don't remember when the last time we fought.

    Many of the marriages fail because both the partner have an ego issue and don't want to compromise. If we know this art then we can a peaceful and happy life.

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    A nice narration by the author. It is true that a lot of compromise, understanding and mutual faith and sacrifice is needed to make a relationship happier and contented. Without that it will be difficult to stay together. Marriage between two different people is a test of their patience, endurance and compatibility to each others habits and tastes.
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    Your write-up seems to be the narration of my life too. We are poles apart, but still, we never had an extreme contradiction against each other. Firstly, we both respect the institution of marriage, secondly, we respect each other as a person and finally, our honesty towards each other made our journey of almost 22 years a blessed one. I won't say that we have compromised in our marital life to make our marriage successful. We always believe that being two different persons we are supposed to have differences, and we must not impose our choices on each other. It has worked wonders in our lives, and marriage has become a bliss.

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    The author has well presented the art of living together through the symbolic items salt and pepper.

    There are many people who are not able to compromise in married life due to differences which are sometimes of even minor nature. There are umpteen cases of divorce due to the issues related to ego, quarreling, unnecessary offences, insulting or humiliating, neglecting etc. At the same time there are people who are sailing ahead smoothly and happily and living together for lifetime.

    It is said that if the couple is able to maintain harmony and peace in the initial phases then slowly a resonance pattern develops between them which inculcates respect and mutual understanding and that is the real nector of the married life.

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    Sorry, I disagree. Difference or differences can't make a perfect husband-wife pair. Reconciliation and adjustment by both sides make a perfect couple. Differences which are not reconciled or tolerated cause separation or divorce.
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    Absolutely, Partha, differences should be reconciled and both wife and husband should compromise with each other's habit which may keep their married life happy and enjoyable.

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