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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the month April'19 - 'Salt and pepper' )
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    Salt and pepper is a mix and match combination

    The phrase 'Salt and pepper' is very similar to the phrase 'black and white'. As ingredients for tasty food, the salt and pepper are necessary condiments, but if used in the sense of colour then it is black and white or can be termed as black and grey.

    Being a food lover and also am fond of cooking, I would not dare to miss both the ingredients salt and pepper. Even hair colour or clothes in black and white combination is exclusive, although separately both the colours have a history of sadness.

    There were professional lady mourners in some parts of Rajasthan who are called Rudaali, now almost extinct. Whenever there was a death in some powerful family, then these ladies were hired for weeping. Their weeping was contagious which made others weep too. Rudaalis always wore black clothes. Thus, black depicted sadness.

    Now, it is almost wiped out, but at one time the Bengali widows wore completely white sarees without any border. Their dressing up conveyed their real-life sorrow. The colour white is a symbol of peace, but the widows who wore it did not reflect inner peace but turmoil.

    Black hair is a sign of youth, and the white or grey hair signifies old-age means a sign of experience, although society long ago tagged both as the colours of sorrow. Interestingly, salt and pepper hair gives an uber-cool look that signifies the beauty of mix and match. So is life, as well as food, is balanced when the spices like salt and pepper added in the right proportion. Too much of any one ingredient would make the equation, either of life or food, very sharp, one dimensional and monochromatic which leads to an experience of dull life.

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    A good presentation by the author transforming the salt and pepper to two important colours in our life and linking them to various real life exams around us.

    The two particular colours black and white are universally used to denote a situation, an occasion and a ritual and the colour itself expresses the mood and environment of the event. That is the power of these two colours in our life and social events or occasions.

    Generally black is attributed to melancholy while white to warmth of life and that is what reflects from the use of these visuals.

    Knowledge is power.

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