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    Why do apolitical army officers join BJP in large numbers after their retirement?

    All of us know that the officers of armed forces are apolitical. Their only concern is the safety and security of the nation. However, of late, we notice that a large number of army (and also airforce and navy) officers are joining BJP after their retirement. [Only Lt. Gen DS Hooda, former dGoC-in-C, Northern Command, has joined Congress] But why are so many high-ranking military officials are joining BJP?

    Here, I would like to give my own logic on why the retired officers have chosen BJP over other political parties.

    1. As per news reports, all these ex-army men believe that the country is in safe hands of PM Modi. This might be the major reason.
    2. They know that Congress is the party which demands proof of surgical strikes and air strike and does not believe in the statement of Army Chief.
    3. They know that Congress is the party which had made a great 'unbreakable' record of corruption and scams in their regime.
    4. They know that Congress is the party which believes in minority-appeasement and vote-bank politics which are dangerous for our country.
    5. They remember that during the UPA regime, the weapon acquisition became a zero.
    6. Those retired officers know that unlike Congress, BJP is the party which has no record of corruption in the last 5 years. They know that unlike Congress, BJP is the party which has given full freedom to our defence forces (to deal with terrorist and their sponsors) and has done a lot for them.
    7. BJP's track record in implementing OROP has impressed them (despite some shortcomings).

    So, more and more retired officers from armed forces are joining BJP and this is a welcoming phenomenon.
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    After a long time the army persons are finding that a leader has emerged in India who is bold and brave and has the capacity to take strategic decisions. In the situation of conflict and war such leaders are required who even do not care their own life for the country. This impression has not only gone to the army people but the public of India at large and these are the reasons for his immense popularity.

    It is necessary that to get something you have to sacrifice something. But this is not possible if the ingredients of patriotism and boldness are missing.

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    People join the political parties based on the ideology and the leadership. Leadership in the party makes lots of difference. People from various fields are joining BJP due to the leadership of Narendra Modi. Every citizen in the Country look for a leader with characteristics of Narendra Modi.

    In our Country we have very few politicians who dedicate their life to the Country. Shri. Narendra Modi tops the list. There is no surprise in Army Officers joining the BJP. It is also fact that there are Army Officers in other political parties too. But the numbers are very few.

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    There is a lot of change in the ruling in the last five years. At least the people in high positions think of Nation first than anything else. Thinking first about the Nation is more in Armed forces. They are leaving their families and spending time in safeguarding the nation. They are finding the same nature in the present government which is being lead by BJP. They are of the opinion that the country will be in safe hands if the same party continues for some more time. The present government is interested in updating the strengths of the armed forces and they are ready to give them a free hand for taking decisions. The leaders are not having any understanding with China or any other country to stop acquiring latest weapons. Corruption is not there at the higher levels and they are trying to minimise the corruption in government dealings. I think these are the points which are making them to get attracted towards this party.
    They are observing the difference between BJP and other parties. As mentioned by one of the authors above not only armed force officers but also general public also is having the same opinion about the present government.

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    People will only join a party when they are impressed by its relative performance and ideology. It is a healthy trend that some army men are joining BJP as they feel that it meets their expectation of the governance in the country.
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    When they are apolitical why they are joining a political party? Most of the officers in any top government service know how to please their political bosses and they always want to remain in the good book of their bosses. I hope members are aware of how top government officials are treated when they do not obey the orders, how impractical the orders may be, of the politicians of the ruling party. There are instances where government officials resigned because of being upright. Nowadays nobody joins politics without a purpose and the purpose is best known to the person joining politics.

    Let me give an example to make things a bit clear. Mr Manish Gupta was a retired IAS officer and was a former chief secretary and also a former home secretary of West Bengal during the Left Front regime. Ms Mamata Banerjee was the president of Youth Congress in 1993 when 13 activists of that party lost their lives in police firing. At that time Mr Gupta was the home secretary and Ms Banerjee accused him for his involvement in ordering police firing in her complaint to the then Prime Minister. Later, Mr Gupta joined TMC and was made a minister in her cabinet. I remember when he was asked the reason for joining politics that also in a party whose supremo didn't have any cordial relation with him, he replied that since nobody approached him earlier than TMC, he chose that option.

    The author provided his own logic about joining of the retired army officers in politics and I support his views. But there may be other reasons too that is best known to the officers themselves. I gave one example and lots of things do happen in the higher echelons which the common man is not aware of.


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    Apolitical military leaders are forced to join a political party when they feel that the other camp may destroy the military if they get power. The activities of UPA-II Government have been forcing the retired military officers to take a side.
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    Our officers and men (also women)in uniform prefers to be under an able PM who can command and control without any fear or favour. Defence personnel do not wish to see any coward leaders. The UPA was sleeping over the long awaited OROP for decades, but BJP could implement it within two years of their rule.
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