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    In what way BJP is better than Congress?

    Followers or bhakts of BJP go on saying only one thing-Mr.Mod's government is the best after the governments we got Independence and it is better than even Vajpayee government. If any body asks what is the reason for it there is no proper answer comes out. In the last 2014 Parliament members 55% of its members have criminal back ground when compared with any other party. It tried to horse trade MLA's during in Karnataka government formation and because of SC's intervention it is unable to succede in that process. Similarly in so many territorial states BJP without having majority MLA's through backdoor with the help of governor established their governments. This they described it as Chanukya neethi. BJP from its formation it is saying it never include and maintain in its party who are with criminal back ground . Then what about Gali Janardhana Reddy, yedurappa, Smrithi Irani, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi etc. Yesterday Congress and TMC released a list of scams A-Z of where BJP members involved and the same in the form vedio format. When I googled these scams on internet and I found all of them are there in it. Then what is the difference we are seeing the rule of BJP from Congress?

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    An excellent post by the author hammering the basic premises of the political environment in the country. If we see the Indian history, Indian National Congress was the party in majority which shaped the country to the present state. When we say shaped it means development as well as setbacks which were experienced due to the policies of the Govt time to time.

    Congress followers feel that congress is the only viable solution for ruling India but BJP or Modi Bhakts have different opinion. So, people will assess these two parties based on their own judgement and affiliations.

    This fight of comparing them will go on endlessly but there is one thing which can be said confidently is that worse is better than the worst.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Instead of failing in the examination at least it is better to pass in third class. It is better to have at least one eye than not having two eyes. In BJP as mentioned by the author there may be some MPs with some cases against them. But one thing is sure that the ministers and top people in BJP are not having any cases against them But if you see in the previous government there are cases against all the top people including the then party president and important ministers also. We all know how many charges of corruption are there against them. We know how many suitcases were sent to Delhi by Rajasekhara Reddy.

    If you take out the statistics of all the cases against the politicians from all the parties I am sure that BJP will come in the last place and most probably Congress may come in the first place. Corruption is at its peak when Congress was ruling the Country. During Vajpayee rule and Modi rule the things are different than the other governments. Fact is a fact whether we like it or not.

    always confident

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    For all the Great achievements in India, Nehru/Gandhi dynasty stood like a Banyan Tree and now all Indians know that nothing grow under a banyan tree.

    Changes happening in Modi's regime. No Full stop in India….The time has come to continue to support Modi and keep your faith intact…Now India is not in slow motion….

    ………….An interesting post by Mark Tully- Former Bureau Chief of BBC, New Delhi.

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    When we go to a market we chose the better product. Like wise out of the available parties BJP is better. I am not saying that BJP is perfect in all respect. But compared other parties they are better because they are controlled by a leader like Shri. Narendra Modi. There are corrupt politicians in BJP too. But people have confidence in Shri. NaMo 's leadership that he will not allow his party men to indulge in any corrupt practices. We do not have leader like Narendra Modi in other parties. The leaders in other parties are controlled by few corrupt politicians.

    Dr. Manmohan Singh is one such good leader in Congress party. But problem is that he was not allowed to work independently. He was controlled by his party high command.

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    Is a Tea seller a Great politician and Prime Minister what are you talking I do not know. If he goes Bihar where he tells he will give 1000 lakh crores for development(in election time) and later he goes to Karnataka there he tells I will give 2000 Lakh crores (in the election time). If he comes to Andhra Pradesh I will give everything to you finally, it will fall in Gujarat Lap (Bullet Train, Motera Stadium, Sardar Patel statue ......) e.t.c.... Where is the development all these five years? Except for air strikes(only air strikes)......
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    There is nothing absolute in this world. Everything is comparative. Today people are comparing the political parties and on an average assessment they are finding that BJP seems to be a good choice not in absolute terms but in comparison to others. So there is no other choice except going for it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If you try to recall BJP used Google ads from 2005 or even before. So, BJP is like marketing agency without quality content. But some times bad content also run but in this democracy people will remove bad content and give change again to congress. Because people can't do mistake again and again.

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    "Is a Tea seller a Great politician and Prime Minister what are you talking I do not know. "------------This is another example of meaningless response. He himself doesn't understand what he means to say.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    In simple words, I would say that BJP is better than the Congress because of the corruption ratio between the two parties. Congress Party is much corrupt, whereas BJP is not. Congress has no efficient and brave leaders, whereas BJP has many good bold leaders.
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    Let the people of this country judge which party is better at this juncture. The last three phases of the general election are going to be held within the next few days and by 23rd of this month, we will be able to know the mandate. Every staunch supporter of a political party, be it BJP, Congress, TMC or BSP will say that their leader is the best and there is no harm in it. Go to the vegetable market where you will find many vendors selling the same items. You may find in a few of them the number of customers is more, but all are proclaiming that their product is the best. Those who are regular customers and shop from different vendors know whose product is best or at least better than the rest.

    In every political party, you will find lawmakers with criminal backgrounds. While a convicted person cannot contest the elections, the apex court has categorically directed the central government to make laws regarding the entry of criminals in politics. No political party will be willing to frame such laws unless pressurised from every corner. It is futile to look for an answer regarding who is better in the field. Everyone has the same agenda, one has ruled for a significant part after independence and the other just two terms. If one is better than the other then people will always choose that party and that is absolutely harmful to democracy.


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    A party is known for the good jobs done by the Party and also the involvement of leaders in the grass root level. To that extent, we could see the active interest of some of leaders of BJP for changing the society to a better state. They do visit the their hometowns in order to assess the real position so that further initiatives can be taken up. They give ear to the genuine problems and try their best to resolve such issues. In that scene, their scorings seems to better than Congress.

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    One of the many things we learned from this Govt is that the 'weakness against terror only ever invites the terror to grow'. Even remote threats to civilians are to be 'dealt with' as soon as possible.
    Religions are to be modernized so that it should be compatible with freedom and democracy for all.

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    In the name religious sentiment, 44 people were killed in Hindu nationalist vigilante attacks and more than 280 people were injured. This is the freedom of religions what you talk Mr.Neeraj.

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    "In the name religious sentiment, 44 people were killed in Hindu nationalist vigilante attacks and more than 280 people were injured. "-------------------------Has it been done on a single day? This is a mischievous comment with malicious intent.

    Did the author raise any thread when 44 para-military soldiers died on a day? Did the author raise any thread when some middle-aged students were playing Holi in the social science department of JNU tp celebrate the killing of more than fifty people by land-mine-blast of Naxalites?

    This is blind hatred of Modi? This is purely anti-national. This is pseudo-secularism. But, thanks to these people, Modi led BJP will again come to power.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    A honest tea seller is always better than qualified indecisive,scrupulous and corrupt. When the people world over accept and appreciate Shri. Narendra Modi as the greatest leader India produced, we Indians think twice to accept such statement. Unlike majority of other politicians he has not made property neither for himself nor for his relatives. Majority of politicians in the Country are very rich and are in possession of huge properties. The have gained these property through corrupt practices.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    According to RTI information, there is no record in our railway organization that our PM Modi sold tea and it is a piece of fake news created by BJP to build the image of Modi.


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    I read the link provided by you in the Economic times. It was reported by a New York based "group".
    This suspicious group selectively criticizing the Modi Govt by stating that the atrocities happened between 2015 and 2018 to tarnish his image. What about this vigilante groups atrocities before 2015? Why this 'group' is silent? Prime Minister has condemned vigilante violence and said killing people because of cow worship are not acceptable. In the same report, I saw a graphical representation, which shows communal clashes were happened in bigger scale during the period of Congress rule than present BJP rule. Cow vigilantism was practiced during Mahatma Gandhi period. I can say that resurfacing of the reporting of this vigilantism is to defame the present Government.

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    When the BJP was formed with its roots from Jan Sangh, Janata party etc, it was having its own uniqueness with a higher tilt towards Hindus. Its economic policy and attitude was almost like that of Congress and more tilted towards business and capitalist side. It had some strong stand on matters relating to Kashmir and the migrant Muslims from other countries especially Bangladesh who were patronised and pampered by Congress. Like the old Congress party, even BJP had many principled politicians who were very honest and service minded with very simple living.

    However by and by the BJP also started getting disgruntled and self seeking people from other political parties. Electoral compulsions made the BJP compromise and welcome these people. Slowly BJP became party of the leaders without much grass root base except for its umbilical connection from RSS.

    But it is the Muslim-Christian appeasing and Hindu alienating politics of Congress, Communists and other parties that brought back the BJP to power. It was the continuous and consistent Modi bashing by the Sonia led Congress that made people hate Congress and sympathise and empathise with Modi and saw in him a powerful non-compromising leader.

    For the desperate but aspiring youth and unbiased people Modi was a realisation of their ideal dreams. The Modi led NDA government has initiated a lot of things whose actual positive result will come only in the long run. They have not done much to get short term gains.That is why they do not get much vocal support now. Not only that. In their well intended actions they had rubbed against the various sections who enjoyed in every way all these years. This included media also.

    Even now nothing bad or worse is done by Modi led government if we take the macro scene. But knowing that they will lose their opportunity for ever if Modi is returned to power with higher majority, all vested interests especially a section of the media have come united against the BJP/NDA( read as Modi only). In one thing they are all honest- that their agenda is to prevent Modi coming back to power.

    But today BJP is not much different from any other political party as it is also a mixture of disparate elements who came from other parties. Many stalwarts and original BJP people are sidelined.
    So minus Modi, as of now, BJP is not at all different from other parties. Minus Modi It is then weak also. Minus Modi it may be acceptable for coalition by many parties too. The lack of strong second line leaders and grass root workers is still a negative point for BJP.

    But it has to be accepted that BJP is fast growing in India- and the blame or credit should go to Congress only. BJP now grows in grass roots too.

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    When you take demonetization, the complete media including BJP supporting media, world famous economic experts, 99% of the educated people and even a staunch supporter of Hindutva BJP member Mr.Swamy saying with no semblance of doubt demonetization is a total failure. But Mr.Modi and his bhakts only chanting demonetization is a success in their sleep also which do not bring any real credit to Modi.


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    I want to add that in a country where so many caste, creed and religious differences are there, it is difficult to decide the better party only on the outcome of the voting process. It is only the highly educated people in urban environment who can assess to some degree the work done by the Govt and its effect on the overall progress of the country. The historians and economists can understand the philosophy of development in better terms than a labourer or farmer who is only confined to his loan waiver or daily earnings. As I earlier said no Govt is perfect but it is only the comparative merit that can be seen while deciding which is better.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the views expressed in the response # 664332.It is pathetic to note that the advisers of the grand old party INC, are still towing the policies of appeasing minorities and alienating majorities, not knowing that they are digging their own grave. I know, many knowledgeable Congress party leaders, agree that Modi lead NDA has made many structural changes in basic policies of the Government, which are the need of the hour, with a long term perspective and the fruits of it are yet to come and regarding demonetization of Indian Currencies, many are in the opinion that at least 50% of currencies are to be demonetized in every 5 years to make the Economy clean and black proof. Everything is done with a long term view.
    I also, of the opinion that BJP is growing in unprecedented way and the credit goes to the Congress party only.

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    It's not me or you who can decide which party is better to let the people of India decide which party is good. Elections are going and the results will out soon that will decide which party is better. As far as Mr Modi is concerned, he is a good politician and his name is never involved in any scam like many other politicians.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Mr.Modi instead of saying his way of improving the country by his policies, he always waste his time attacking leaders of ancient times like Pandit Nehru, Gandhiji, Indiraji, Rajivji which in no way connected to his pristine rule. These leaders have their own policies according to the situations of their time and they have no connection with the present. In order to side track from issues or people's mind he is following such a filthy attitude towards opposition.

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    There is nothing wrong if Modi talks about the dead leaders who could not take the country ahead like any other nations. Look at the nations that developed and progressed while India remained in poverty and unemployment. Still we have not improved and developed. We are in the list of developing countries. Even after 72 years of independence, we did not learn how to progress. Congress leaders are thinking and developing their own family with Backops, National Herald, Young Indian, etc. Modi thinks about national security with surgical strikes.
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