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    Have we forgot or given up everything that is manual?

    Now that iddli and dosa are national dishes, the context can be easily understood. Some three decades ago, in every house, we would see the ladies effortlessly operating the manual grinding stones to make chutney or the iddli or dosa batter. None complained. It was a sort of physical exercise.

    Today, the mixies and wet grinders have taken over. We even have dishwashing machines and robots might as well do the job, some fifteen years from now. Some innovation is positively going to happen here. Even if it costs Rs.35,000 there will be takers!!

    Well, it is goodbye to everything that was manual? Have we become lazy? This author would find men doing the manual job as well. There was no question of only the woman doing everything. Have we come full circle? What will happen if the younger generation goes to everything that is electronic? Do we still have houses where one can find the traditional grinding stones?
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    It would not be exaggeration in future it may so happen that we may get pills for break-fast , Lunch and Dinner. I think we are becoming lazy and depending too much on mechanical equipment's. Whatever is said and done no food prepared by using mechanical kitchen equipment's will provide the taste of food prepared by use hand.

    We have relished the food prepared by Grand mother's and Mother. Those days they did not had any of the modernized kitchen equipment's. The food used to be very tasty and was lasting for several days. Those days we did not had Refrigerator.

    We need to depend on the mechanical equipment's in a limited way. It is true that the modern days people have problem for the time. That's why they dependent on readymade food. These readymade food are not healthy.

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    The world is changing. Many technological advances are taking place. Earlier days everyone was used to carry a pen in their pocket. But now everybody is carrying a mobile in their pocket. Nobody is writing. Just they are typing in their phone. Earlier we used to use logarithm tables but now we are using calculators. No tables and no necessity of remembering them. You can use your mobile calculator.
    Like this there are changes in almost all the fields. Earlier days going to Varanasi and coming back was taking around 10 days. Now in the morning we can catch a flight, have darshan and come back in the evening flight. These are all the developments.
    Likewise there are development in kitchen accessories also. Earlier days ladies are confined themselves to house work. But these days they are also running around and helping the family in both the areas. Domestic work as well as earning. This has become possible due to the technology developments only.
    But we all are eating manually only. No machines for that.

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    With the technical advancement and introduction of newer and newer gadgets the life is becoming more and more easier. So, manual efforts are decreasing everywhere. Even the labourers are using the advanced tools which help in increasing the productivity. This phenomenon is going to further increase in coming times and manual work will be minimal.
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