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    Glass of water - Half full or Half Empty

    A negative person see the glass of water half empty a positive person sees it half full. This is all about our attitude how we perceive things. We would have come across many people complaining about what they lost in their life, but very few talk about what they gained. People have long list of complaints about others to say what others have not done to them. They conveniently forget what they have done to others.

    In organizations too employees complain about not getting promotions, increments etc. But they never talk about benefits what they received from the organization and what is their contribution to the organization.
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    We perceive things as per our thinking and attitude. Same thing will be seen with different angle by different people. Some people are apprehend from some of the situations which is perceived as opportunity by others.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We understand the issues as we think. When we start a work we should think about the final outcome positively and then only we will try to make it positive. But if we think negatively we may not be able to make it a success.
    Positive thinking gives us a lot of confidence on us and we will have a positive hope. If somebody says positive we get energy. Arjuna's Chariot was driven by Krishna. He gave many positive advises and always encouraged him by giving good timely advises. That made Arjuna to win the battle. At the same time, Salya, the driver of Karna's Chariot always used to talk negatively saying that he can't win over Arjuna. He never helped him even in emergencies. When the wheel of his chariot got into the wet land, Karna requested him to help him in lifting the wheel. But Salya bluntly refused saying that it is not his work.
    That is why people always say be positive, live positive and attain success.

    always confident

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    It all depends on how people look at their lives. The glass is half full as well as half empty and it depends whether the person will cry because it is half empty or thinks of ways to make it full again. Positivity will lead to making efforts to effect a change whereas negativity will pull-down to destroy things. We all have some complaints about others and the more the number of complaints the more regretful we are. Regret for a long time on the same issue leads to negativity which in turn affects us in the wrong way. We must look into the positive aspects of different things that will help us to achieve our targets.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A time honoured view about our approach to life and our attitudes. Most of us as humans want to have the best in life with as little difficulties as possible. But real life is far from this. We have to face hardships, failures, apparently unfruitful efforts.

    Coupled with this is the ever present group of people around us to compare and contrast.The neighbours, relatives, friends, colleagues at workplace, we tend to 'measure ourselves' (and at times our kids) against what the others have achieved. For instance, securing a rank, a foreign job, buying a new car or a flat, a promotion etc. While we are occupied with such thoughts and desires, we often tend to forget and are unable to enjoy what we have in hand, a stable family, good children, a decent job, good friends etc.

    Learning to see the glass half full and taking time to enjoy what little we have brings in positivism and good vibes around us.

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    For most of us, glass is half-empty. Those who think that the glass is half-full, prosper in life. For success, positive attitude is essential.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Whether the glass is half filled and half empty or quarter filled and three quarter empty, I always feel that there is something in it. Something is better than nothing - a proverb. I always look at the contents not the vacant space.
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    To be positive in life is a great trait and those who are gifted with this are lucky in the sense they take things always in their bright prospective. Our efforts and hard work will be of no use if we do not have a positive attitude. Positive attitude is required not only for bringing the prosperity in life but also is a crucial element required for mental peace and happiness.

    At the same time there are people who are pessimistic and always apprehended by the anticipated adverse results of their efforts. They curse their luck for everything and always afraid of starting a new project or scheme for their own development. They will feel themselves incompetent for anything difficult in the life and will avoid doing anything to that matter.

    Seeing the life in its brighter form and having positive attitude is a divine thing and a source of continuous joy in our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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