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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the month April'19 - 'Salt and pepper' )
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    Salt and pepper making empires

    The condiments float
    On oceans to Rome.
    To keep their meat clean
    To protect their health and hygiene.

    On board were tusks and turtle shells
    Cinnamon, Ebony, salt and pepper.
    These exotic goods from India
    Were paid in weight of gold and silver.

    The lands of India are proving to be golden geese.
    Reaffirming the Greek claims from previous centuries.
    This trade between the empires
    Made number of innovations higher.
    Coast guards against pirates
    New range of merchant fleet
    Unseen harbour technologies
    And a primitive form of police.
    Slaves and mahouts from the subcontinent
    Volunteered to steer the elephants
    It's hard to see salt and pepper
    As a mere kitchen member
    After learning their past
    They built empires. Caused downfalls.

    (This is my TOW entry).
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    Nice composition and rhyming. The poem travels through Indian History and merchandising.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    A good poetic presentation of our history containing The terms salt and pepper. The author has chosen a good subject covering the historical trade or export from India.
    Knowledge is power.

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