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    Art of living Vs Art of Leaving

    I am sure all of us are aware of Art of Living programme of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. But Art of leaving is mechanism by some people to avoid responsibility. Recently I happen to see a incident of road accident involving a bike and pedestrian. Both the pedestrian and the bike rider was injured in the accident. Someone who appeared on the scene started shouting at others to make arrangement for shifting the injured to the hospital. Some of us joined and shifted the persons to nearby hospital. Luckily both of them recovered with minor injuries.

    The best part is that the hero who was shouting at others coolly disappeared from the scene. One of the injured person was later complaining about of loss of his mobile handset. I had strong doubt on the hero. Therefore we should be careful about the Art of leaving persons.
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    When the house is on fire somebody is trying to light his cigarette . This is how it looks. By calling all the people by shouting he will have more chances to get something good. That is the reason he called many people I think. Actually people who wanted to help will never shout they will try to help and by seeing him others will follow.
    There are many people like this who knows the are of leaving. Some people try to behave as if they are ignorant but that is not true. They know the issue but they don't want to interfere and help that is why they pretend ignorance.
    Such type of people are becoming very high these days. They never bother about the other people's sufferings. They concentrate simply on their own benefits. These are the days of selfish people.

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    An interesting post where we can clearly see that leaving or escaping from the scene is also an art. There are people like that hero who will shout at others in such scenes so that they come and join to help the needy. By the time people arrive, that person will somehow escape unnoticed. At least that person did his best to call others by shouting. In many cases, people even do not bother to see what is happening around.

    Now the incident of stealing valuables from the accident site is somewhat common. I have heard there are a lot of people who come to the accident site on the pretext of help but escape with the valuables of the injured knowing fully well their hapless condition. What can we say about these people? It's their nature to loot valuables whenever they get a chance. There are people who intentionally break the seats inside the unguarded bus terminus and steal the lights installed there.


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    I feel that the Art of Living is for common people like us. We must know how to live meaningfully with purpose. On the other hand, the Art of Leaving is for the monks. They require to know how to leave the objects of attraction.
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    Some people talk more and work less. They complain about others , but when situation demands they do not come forward.
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