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    Doing different things and doing things differently

    According to Management Guru Shiv Khera "Winners don't do different things. They do things differently,' Generally when we encounter a problem our mind makes us to think that this is the only option and there are no other ways to do things. When we start thinking differently we will find different options and solution to the same problem.

    There are simple solutions to larger problems. I have come across a case study conducted in a Japanese Match box manufacturing Company. The Quality dept of the company faced with a problem of match box being packed without match sticks. Many think tank worked day and night and could not come out with any solution. An operator in the shop floor was watching this intently. He came up with a simple solution. He fixed a pedestal fan on the side of the conveyor belt through which the match boxes were passed. The match boxes with stick remained on the belt and baxes without sticks flew away.

    Whenever we come across a problem it is always better to look for options which may provide simple solution.
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    Good post by the author. Definitely, things doing differently is more useful in our lives.
    When we are working in an area and if we encounter any problem we will think with some restrictions keeping in mind. But few people think more widely and think out of the box. They will get very good ideas and they will do things differently. Wild thinking will give a better solution to the problem than restricted thinking.
    Thinking openly and trying odd things require a lot of confidence. In the manufacturing sector when a problem comes the managers and officers do a lot of thinking. But they may not be able to come out with the best solution. But the person who works on the shop floor can come out with a small and easy solution.

    always confident

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    Yes, intelligent people think about what common people don't able to think and come out with a good solution. In a manufacturing unit where I work, we come across many quality issues and sometimes it happens that even the people whom we think are knowledgeable are unable to find out the root cause and a simple operator whom we don't imagine comes out with a solution. It happens sometimes we think rationally and don't come to a conclusion but a person thinks differently which sometimes can't be imagined comes out with a solution.

    Actually, the smart people already know the common solution for the problem so they don't think of wasting their time in that solution and think something which is very uncommon and unusual which clicks and that's why they are called smart.

    I would say that the biggest difference is that smarter people tend to use critical thinking skills constantly, analyzing and interpreting data from many sides before forming a conclusion that leads to an opinion or solution.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Doing things differently results in innovation. When we analyze the problem in different dimensions alternative solution emerges
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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