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(This thread is the winner of the Topic based TOW contest for the month April'19 - 'Salt and pepper' )
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    When Salt and Pepper refused to listen!

    The chef was busy preparing the special dish. The television was on where the chef was watching a political debate. The chef loves politics and can join any political discussion with anybody. After all, this is election time and the whole country is busy discussing it. The dispensers of different condiments are lined up at a corner in the kitchen and they are also curiously watching the television. They have seen the smaller political parties fighting with the larger ones for bargaining more seats.

    Chili Sauce quipped, "See, everybody has importance. Only we do not get an equal share of respect. The chef cooks wonderful dishes and receives appreciation. It's because of us that the dishes become tasty; we must get our due recognition". Salt nodded its cap in appreciation. Honey and Pepper also supported. They thought of starting a protest movement where they will not allow the chef to touch their dispensers. During their discussion, the chef came and moved towards Pepper. Pepper shouted, "How dare you touch me? While we all help you to make the dishes tastier, how come you indiscriminately use us? You must recognize our contribution too and ask for our permission while using us in any of the dishes".

    It's not so easy to fool the experienced chef, so he readily agreed and said, "Ok let's make a deal. From today onwards I will make dishes bearing each one of your names." On hearing this Salt quipped, "You must use us in equal proportion; we will not tolerate the indiscriminate use". The chef asked, "What do you mean by indiscriminate use"? At that time a piece of news flashed on the screen. It read "A man was assaulted by the hotel manager. The man had salt and pepper hair and the investigation is on to find out the reason behind the assault".

    On hearing this, Honey got angry and asked the chef "Why Salt and Pepper was used on the man's hair? Till now people used Salt and Pepper as a condiment, it is somehow tolerable. But, we cannot tolerate if we are used as items of cosmetics. We need immediate justice". The chef tried to make them understand about the use of the term Salt and Pepper hair, about how the colour of white salt blends wonderfully with the black pepper. The condiments all are in a militant mood today. They refused to listen to him. It's hard to make a group understand when they start quarrelling. The chef became hopeless and went on to prepare his favourite Salt and Pepper Chicken.

    This is an entry for the month end TOW contest.
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    A good creative story by the author. In our childhood days, we read a story in which all the parts of the human body thought that they are working hard and the stomach was fully enjoying life by eating the food. So they all decided not to work. But after a few days, the other parts recognised the importance of the stomach also. In a similar way, all the tastes tried to go against the cook here.
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    It's very logical for other condiments to say why the chef is giving more importance to salt and pepper. If we see through a different angle then it's okay because salt and pepper are the basic ingredients and nothing can substitute them. The chef should have told them that we cannot live without salt and pepper but can live without them. Moreover, the colour of the hair of a person is black and white which matches the colour of salt and pepper that's why he used it.

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    A nice story presented by the author from the animation of these condiments in the chefs kitchen. Whenever a terminology is crafted some people may not like it as their ideas are not incorporated there. So in real life situation when we do not consider the opinion of the all the involved stake holders such conflicts will arise. A good manager will try to incorporate the views and apprehension of the subordinates in a best fitting manner for overall quality and productivity like a chef using the appropriate ingredients for making a dish. So, it is imperative that the people should be consulted as per their abilities and contributions for taking a decision for any organisation or working group.
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