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    A very complicated question comes to my confused mind

    Maggi two minutes noodles! Almost all Indians, especially students who stay in hostels, know this product of Nestle company. Many other FMCG companies have launched similar products in the market, but Maggi two minutes noodles are still popular. This popularity has been continuing for almost 20 years (if I am not mistaken)!

    During the rare occasions of the absence of my better half, I also relish the taste of Maggi two minutes noodles and similar other products. I have tried various ways. Sometime I readied myself much before the preparation, but never could I complete the cooking in two minutes.

    Maggi or similar other products can't be cooked in two minutes. These products take minimum of five minutes to be edible. So, the advertisement is incorrect.

    In view of my finding as mentioned above, can I challenge these FMCG companies on this ground? This is a very complicated question for me. Members may kindly express their valuable opinion on this issue..
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    It is common to say that the product is very good and they claim many things to their products. But in practice, the actuality will be different. When they say two minutes they will say under certain conditions only it will apply. So when you cook you have to use all those conditions. So they say you have not used this particular condition that is why there was a delay.
    When a new car is introduced in the market they say it will give a particular mileage. But when we use it on the road it will be different. The manufacturers say there is a flaw in the driving or there is a problem on the roads.
    If we file a case on this type of issues it will not stand in the court.
    Today while coming from Gwalior to Hyderabad on a flight, ready-made veg biryani was purchased by me for the lunch. As per the procedure the Air Hostess mixed with hot water and asked me to open the container after 7 or 8 minutes. I have opened it. Still, it is not completely got cooked. Then I have to close it again and wait for another 2 or 3 minutes and then only the material got ready.

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    Your post made me laugh. Yes it's true Maggie cannot be made ready in two minutes it takes at least 10 minutes. But that's saying when I am waiting for someone and asks him to come then the person will automatically say I am coming in two minutes. So in that way, it's Okay with the advertisement. This "two minutes" is very common with the people and that's why in the advertisement the mother says " Bas do minute".

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    All advertisement claims are subject to conditions
    Test conducted in the lab under very regulated and pre set conditions and parameters.
    That is why all ads have some fine prints with an apostrophe.

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    Just wait for a minute. I will come back with a suitable answer. Just only a minute.

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    Sorry Partha,
    It took10 minutes to come back.

    It takes just 2 minutes to get the noodles cooked with correct quantity of water(After the water boiling) . It is the time taken to get the noodle cooked. Surely, it will take more time if we add additional vegetables, to cut, clean and add.

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    How much time did it take to boil the water? AT what temperature did you put the noodles? When did you add the spice? How long did you stir the product? It is is much more than five minutes.
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    A genuine thing raised by the author. In advertisements the qualities of the products are generally exaggerated. Companies do it intentionally and gullible public just accepts it on the face value. No one checks it and confronts. That is the way a multinational company makes its product popular.
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    Well, it takes only two minutes. You may be surprised because in your case it took more than that. I am telling you why. Just turn the packet of Maggi. You'll find the instructions to cook. As far as I can remember, the last pictorial representation says, add the garnish mix and stir for two minutes. By this time it will be ready. I think, in the instruction, it says to stir for two minutes after adding the garnish mix because as long as you are not mixing it Maggi is not ready to serve. So, if the dish gets ready within two minutes of adding the mix won't they say it's two minutes noodles? Just have a look into the instructions.

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    Multinational and big companies are well known for these gimmicks and in that context the product Maggi is no exception. As a rough estimate, big companies spend about 25 to 45% of the annual expenditure on advertisements and marketing. In the cut throat atmosphere of todays business the thrust on advertising and marketing is must and many good products are not able to get the attention of the buyers due to lack of advertising and marketing expertise. In such a scenario misleading the consumer by cryptic headlines and indirect lucrative sentences is a common thing though the simple and gullible consumers are not able to decipher these intended aggressiveness in advertisements. Attractive tag lines like 'We care for your health', 'Because you are the special one for us', 'You are the most important person in our premises', 'The way to the heart of your fiancee is through stomach' and so many like that are visible in the media to attract and lure the customers.
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    Let us not blame the company. They are right. It is the time taken for the Maggie to get cooked from the time of opening of the pocket and poured into the hot boiling water. It is the stirring time to have it cooked.

    Will you agree if I say that a Papad takes less than 5 seconds(5 seconds) to get fried and ready to eat?

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