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    Salt and Pepper feedback is essential for future improvement

    We always judge the work we do and as per our own analysis we try to make out whether it went well or not. But for any work we do in addition to our own assessment we always look for comments or feedback from other people. Any positive feedback from external world makes us happy and motivates us to work harder. On the other hand, any negative feedback demoralizes us and makes us sad. If food contains too much of salt or too much of pepper we will not enjoy its taste. Only when salt and pepper are in right balance the taste is enjoyable.

    Similarly the feedback we get from external world about any task we do should be like Sat and Pepper. Positive feedbacks (Salt) should come for items done well but critical feedbacks (Pepper) are equally essential on things which didn't go well and could still be improved. I am taking salt and positive as it is white and pepper as negative as it is black. However perfectly we do anything, there will always be a scope of improvement. Only when we get critical feedback from someone we will work on that to get even better results next time. Getting positive feedback from others is also essential as it motivates us to work further.

    Just like proportion of Salt and Pepper in food both positive and negative (critical) feedback are essential if we want to improve our quality of work in future. Excess of both is not good. Excessive and only good and positive feedback and appreciation sometimes can make people complacent and overconfident. On the other hand excessive and only negative feedback too can demoralize us sometimes and we may stop trying.

    Hence for any tasks we undertake in life feedback on its result should be like Salt (positive) and Pepper(negative) and we should constructively accept the critical feedback, if it is valid and use it for future improvement.

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    Constructive negative remarks are more useful for development than positive pampering remarks. A true analysis of the happenings will yield a better conclusion than a biased approach. Some people try to criticise people unnecessarily which is not correct. A critic should be unbiased. That will help us in correcting ourselves and improving our performance. It is good if Salt and Pepper are in correct proportion. A good post by the author.
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