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    Differing tastes of salt and pepper through my ages

    Salt and pepper is a combination saying or phrase I had come across even from my childhood. Of course it was the equivalent in the local language s of Malayalam and Tamil. My grandma had some native wisdom and had some basic knowledge in culinary matters as well as native medicine. So she was using pepper in many of her recipes and home remedies. The combination is a good digestive f taken in regulated and tolerable permitted measure.

    In childhood we children were given laxatives compulsorily once in a month. Then after the stomach is almost emptied, the first solid food given towards noon was Rice with the side dish 'Cherupayar Chammanthi" Green gram chutney with salt and pepper as other ingredients.

    It was after many years that I came to see the twin entities of salt and pepper on restaurant tables. It was just a few months back that I bought salt and pepper shakers online.

    But there the use was quite different. But still I relish using the salt and pepper in the soups.
    When I was in the middle ages and my hair started greying, my colleagues used to compare it as 'salt and pepper' appearance though a few named it as 'Chaay-shakkar' or tea and sugar.
    But when I saw the Malayalam movie 'Salt and Pepper', though I liked the movie, I am still confused about the relevance of title. But only those who have really experienced the excess dose of either of the two in the combination salt and pepper know the real effect. Though either of them can be medicine for sick in due course both can increase pain of the injury.
    But many housewives know that salt and pepper come to use as preservatives especially to keep grains and pulses and kitchen masala.

    Let me conclude by posing a question for your experience and answer.
    Which of the two can be better more in the combination - salt and pepper?

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    The author has created a good narration by giving the chronological changes in the meaning of salt and pepper during his own ageing process and it is interesting to see the changing facades of salt and pepper through his journey of life so far. It is really amazing to visualise how these two simple items of our kitchen have changing meaning with time and the changing contexts in which they are used.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We don't use pepper more in dishes. I don't know why we don't use it may be my mother or my wife's mother didn't use it much. But definitely eating pepper in adequate quantity is good for health.

    Black pepper contains antimicrobial compounds that help keep food fresh. Many anthropologists believe that peppercorns were a part of early food-preservation techniques. You can use black pepper in combination with salt to cure and flavor a wide variety of meats


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    Salt and pepper through different times are well presented by the author. In addition to the food enhancement, they are used in many other connotations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A good narration. How the use of Salt and Pepper is changed over a period of time is very well described by the author. Among the two I always feel salt plays a better role. Without pepper, we can eat but without salt, we can't eat. A little less pepper is also Ok but a little less salt is not OK as the taste differs a lot.
    always confident

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