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    Salt and pepper technique adopted by good leaders

    Salt and pepper are generally kept on a dining table and during the eating times they are used to make the food tasty and delicious. So these two items act as a balancing measure for enhancing the food value. Similarly a good leader uses his methods and measures in a balanced way to lead the people of the country in a fruitful and progressive manner. He uses his techniques in managing the country just like salt and pepper are used in balancing the food.

    A good leader will not waste time in unproductive work. He will channelise the resources in the best possible manner for the growth of the people as well as the progress of the country as a whole. A good leader knows how to raise the resources and how to distribute the profits and returns to the contributing public and society. Identifying good people to run the show and give honour to the deserving and able candidates is the priority of the leader and that is what makes him popular.

    Every one can not become a good leader as it asks for lot of control on oneself and patience and sacrifice in many respects. When one becomes a true leader then only he gets the real respect of the public. In essence a successful and good leader will use his skills in the same way as salt and pepper is used to enhance the flavour of the food.

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    It is true that a leader must balance things properly to lead the nation. On one hand, there has to be productivity and on the other, the quality must be maintained. Just announcing a lot of development projects without studying the viability is of little use. Similarly, the economy also has to be balanced in such a way that there is equal distribution of wealth. If it is not balanced then different sections of the society will not be benefitted. Like the use of salt and pepper in a balanced proportion to enhance the taste of food, all the things must be balanced properly to become a progressive and successful leader.

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    A good correlation by the author between the salt and pepper balancing in food to the balancing of a leader in his endeavours for the progress and well being of the country and countrymen.

    It is a fact that a good leader is able to combine the ingredients for national prosperity and progress and he is ambidextrous in his deeds so that not only the country progresses but also come up on the list of top countries in the global arena. Such leaders are respected by not only their own countrymen but the global audiences world over. A good leader can motivate his countrymen and even encourage them to do the tasks which were hitherto thought to be impossible and unachievable. There are, in the history of the world, such leaders mentioned and are still adored by the public at large. They set benchmark for the coming generations and people follow their doctrine for long times to come.

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    Good narration by the author. The food will be tasty if the pepper and salt are mixed in correct proportions. If there is a mismatch the taste will go bad. Same is the case with the leader also. A leader should know the winning combination. He should know how to balance the team. He should guide them and mentor them properly. Then only the team will fare well.
    So the chef will taste before serving and he will add either salt or pepper before serving. By doing that he is able to serve good food and get appreciations. Same is the case with the leader. He should review the progress and mentor them and supplement them by giving the required support. Then only his team will win.
    The victory of a team more depends on the leader and his planning and motivating his team members. If a team player is weak he should be paired with a strong candidate so that it will make a good combination and they can do a good job.

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