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    Again he has been slapped!

    Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was today slapped by a man during a roadshow in the Moti Nagar area. Mr. Kejriwal, the Aam Aadmi Party chief, was standing on an open jeep, canvassing in the New Delhi constituency, when the man jumped up and attacked him. He was identified as 33-year-old Suresh and he is found to be a spare parts dealer. Angry AAP supporters started lynching him, but Police somehow saved him and arrested him. The AAP has expectedly blamed the BJP for the attack.

    However, I feel that the person has been exasperated by the jokes played by Mr. Kejriwal and his AAP comrades on the people of Delhi and has utilized the opportunity of the roadshow in the locality where he resides.

    This is my surmise based upon my judging the mood of 'aam Delhiites'. This unfortunate event proves that the Delhites are very angry with Mr. Kejriwal and his comrades.
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    I remember when Mr Kejriwal became the CM of Delhi, everybody hoped that a new era of politics has begun. Actually, the Delhiites may also have thought it in that way and gave him such a popular mandate. Now, everybody is seeing his activities now and any short-tempered person can easily abuse him if he somehow comes across. This is what has exactly happened. After being the CM I think once he termed himself as an anarchist during an agitation. In the beginning, everybody thought he was honest and now it is understood he is power hungry and absolutely confused about his next moves. The incident is very unfortunate but as long as he is not mending his ways, the intolerance of people will increase.

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    Yes being a delhites I repent for the decision why I voted him. Why I was fooled by his promises. He has not anything for which he should be against voted. Its anger of people which made this man slap Mr Kejriwal. I don't know if he was right or not because I don't like this man.

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    From the beginning, when AK entered politics, I did not like him, He betrayed Mr. Anna Hazare with whom he shared the platform to fight against corruption. He ditched Anna for his selfish goal. He could get what he wanted. But could not sustain and could not do much to Delhites. Now he is reaping the fruit of it.
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    This is a sample reaction of a citizen and from this it is very clear to assess the mood of Delhi voters. Normally people do not go for such extreme steps. It shows that the public is not happy with his tenure in Delhi and are seriously looking for a change.

    Let us see the results of election then only this theory will be confirmed.

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    The latest attack is the 7th attack on Mr. Kejriwal since he had become the Chief Minister of Delhi.
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    This behaviour of the person indicates how the people of Delhi are got vexed with the ruling and governance of Kejriwal. He came to power by making so many false promises. But nothing materialised. Corruption increase. There is no good governance. Always fighting with the central government. No development activities are there during his ruling. It is not for the first time this type of incidents has taken place. But he never takes it seriously and tries to overcome his deficiencies. He never amended his ways to improve governance. Shame on his part.
    People understood his hunger for power and they realised his actual mentality now. So for him, there is no second chance to become the CM of Delhi.

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    This is a very saddening incident. The slapping of the Chief Minister in a rally indicates the low level to which the politics are brought down. Whatever may be the reason, this indicates a failure of security to the Chief Minister. This incident is to be condemned by all. I am really surprised to find members supporting it. Our members generally talk on the high ground whenever ethics in society are discussed.

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    I am deeply saddened by this saddening incident. Today I have heard that this slap is the result of infighting among 'aam aadmis', but I am not sure about the authenticity.

    Some people are saying that this is 'karma'. This slap is the karmic consequence of physical assault on the then Chief Secretary of Delhi by the AAP MLAs inside the Chief Minister's residence.

    Who knows what is the truth.

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    Any educated and cultured person should condemn this sort of action. There is nothing to glee about it. This type of people will make society unlawful and unpleasant for the present and future generations. We should strive to keep society a fit place to live in. This is the least we can do for our future generations.
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    These types of offences done by the public reflects on the reputation of the leader. It is really very sad that leaders have gone down to such level that a common person is able to slap them in public. This is pathetic and disappointing.
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    I am also feeling for the son of Mr. Kejriwal. Only the day before yesterday, he passed his CBSE X+II with very high marks. The next day itself, his father was slapped due to inner-party wrangling.

    So bad!

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    I didn't know how good or bad Kejriwal was as a CM of Delhi, but slapping a CM by a person is the most degrading and hilarious thing to do. No civilized society would endorse such a behavior of a person towards a CM. Yes, we may have disappointments or we may feel deceived within his regime but slapping a CM is a spot on a civilized society.
    And this person should feel the heavy weight of the law so others learn a lesson from the punishment and stop disrespecting ministers. A CM deserves respect, not disrespect!
    It is ok to have a difference of opinion and feel down by the underperformance of the Delhi government but who endorse this sick mentality of this person who slapped the CM.
    When I saw a man slapping CM, I was extremely ashamed of this nonsense act.
    There can be failures and flaws in the govt but people can't start beating ministers to invite disgrace to the country. There is a channel to address the problems but we can't disrespect our leaders by slapping them or by punching them. Restrain, before it is too late! Such a behavior is not a healthy sign! My head hangs in shame after seeing a CM being slapped. Is this new India?

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    The man who slapped Shri Kejriwal has been released on bail yesterday. He has said that his expectation from Shri Kejriwal was very high but has not been fulfilled. It is evident that he is a disgruntled supporter of AAP.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    I think people of Delhi are fed up with the way AAP Government is functioning and they had a lot of expectation from the newly elected government and in the Indian days, AAP government was engaged in revamping in Bus - service, smooth electricity supply at subsidised rate, better medical facility in the despensanry, ensuring availability of essential medicines, protection of bevy of ladies during journey and so on. By watching such performance people had great expectation with the existing government but with the time such performance was no more sustainable causing frustration to the residents of Delhi and slapping of a irresponsible man is the result of his extreme frustration. However, we must condemn this barbarous attitude. In no way, this is the solution to remedy any flaw. Decency has to be maintained at all levels for the healthy growth of democracy.

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    Mr Kejriwal was a part of Anti-Corruption movement along with Anna Hazare. He got the symbol "broom" to clean the entire political system off corruption. Broom symbolizes dignity of labor, clean the filth which has permeated our Govt and our legislation,Mr Kejriwal said in 2013.
    Now, Times of India reported that son of an AAP candidate paid Rs 6 Cr to Chief of AAP Mr Kejriwal for the seat!

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