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    Do you adore God while you are in moving transport crossing a temple!

    As there is a comedy movie called "Chitram Ballare vichitram" in that comedian named called Brahmanandam whenever he saw God photo he used to do different signatures with his hand for worshiping God. When you traveling by bus or by an Auto if the bus stops nearby the temple on roads and the god sculpture is facing it on your side do you worship the god and take blessings. Some people use their hands and kiss their fingers and mouth three times and some people just put their hands together like as we worship in temples. How do you react when your bus or auto stopped in front of Gods temple sculpture?
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    It is the faith on God and respect to Him. I do think of God in my mind and salute Him whenever I cross a temple. Unlike Churches and Mosques, Hindus have temples in every nook and corner of a city or town. We never feel tired of God worship in our life.
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    Since our childhood we have seen our elders bowing to temples and religious places whenever we cross these revered places while travelling in their vicinity. So, we have also picked up those traits and as a habit we also perform this ritual.

    Habits and family traits remain embedded in our life whether we believe in those rituals or not. Many people follow this type of rituals in a reflex active manner without being conscious about it.

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    I always salute God whenever I see a temple while travelling by joining both the hands together. Even the bus stops or not if I see a temple while travelling and I do this. I got this habit from my parents and grandparents. My sons will also do the same thing. By seeing me, my granddaughter of 1,5 years also started doing the same. So those habits come to us from our elders. Our youngers will learn from us.
    There are many temples in our country. Whenever I go to a new place I enquire there about any famous temple and I will try to visit that temple. This habit also I got from my elders.
    These days many people may not believe these things and they may laugh but we can't change our habits for the sake of avoiding these.

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    There is temple in my district. It is the temple for Godess Isakki. The temple is located on the side of a highway. All the vehicles crossing that temple would stop there for a while for the passengers to offer their cash and take Prasadam from the poojari who would come around the bus. If any driver fails to stop the vehicle at the temple stop, it is certain that the vehicle would meet with an accident. All the drivers know this deity, and they would stop their vehicle there with a fear of accident.

    This practice has been now ceased owing to increased number of vehicles plying through the area and traffic congestion caused due to the stopping of vehicles for worship. I think, the Godess also understood the traffic related problems.

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    I have strong belief in our deities and whenever I pass through a temple or religious place I voluntarily fold my hands and bow my head in respect of these idols. It has become a habit now and I might be doing it unknowingly also.
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    God is supreme. We cannot just ignore Him when we see Him in any form, in a small temple on the road or elsewhere.

    In the defence forces, all Jawans are supposed to salute their officers in uniform, and also while not in uniform, if they are recognized, irrespective of their rank (a Lieutenant to General). It is an order to follow.

    Same way, all Gods present and sighted are respected by us. This happens automatically to a person who has faith in God and idol worship. It is not an order from God, but an order from our mind.

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    Yes, I bow my head in reverence and say 'My Lord and my God, I adore you', any time I cross a Roman Catholic Church. I could be driving or in the passenger seat, but I never fail to do this. In fact, I sometimes, halt my journey and step into the Church that is on my route to spend a few minutes in prayer and reflection.

    I always have a rosary in my handbag, and if time permits I sit in the Church and say a rosary. If a Mass is in progress or scheduled in the next few minutes, I stay back to attend it.

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    If I'm driving, I stop or when the vehicle stops, I say a silent prayer and bow my head. I think, whatever is one's religion, acknowledging His presence and short prayer should be said ( unless one is an atheist).

    Many at times at popular temples especially on Fridays and Saturday, in the narrow streets, I see bottlenecks created by the vehicles on the street leading to traffic snarls. This can be handled well if there are volunteers or people keep in mind about the traffic.

    Lastly, I see two wheeler's speeding along, suddenly the driver takes is hands and eyes off the main traffic, for those few seconds, the others around him and himself are at potential danger. This can be avoided, if the speed is reduced drastically or even put the vehicle to the side for a few seconds for a quick prayers and then resuming the journey.

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    No, I don't but my wife does that always. Also, my kids have learned the same thing. They close their eyes if any temple passes when we are travelling. I think it's a good habit to remember God. I don't do that when I am driving but when I am not driving I usually close my eyes and take the name of God by folding hands.

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    This is the first thread where everyone has responded positively saying they adore the Lord when they cross Him.

    God is great on this earth! Our prayer to God 24x7 will never go in vain.

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