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    Don't purchase ceiling fan with more (four) blades

    The summer is arriving very fast. Many of us are planning to purchase ceiling fan or to replace a non-functional ceiling fan with a new one. While purchasing new ceiling fan(s), don't go for fans with four blades. Try to purchase fans with three blades.

    People usually believe that the higher the number of blades, the faster the air will circulate. But, this is not true. Although these fans are stylish and less noisy but they are expensive also. Three- blade fans are the best for a country like India as they are pocket-friendly and have high speed. The normal ceiling height in India is 10 feet or more (sometime upto 12.5 feet), which helps the three-blade fan to circulate more air. Hence a four-blade fan will normally fail in our country, but if it is a small air-conditioned room. then the four-blade fan would be a good option. Otherwise, this is a total misconception that four-blade fan will give more air.

    While purchasing a new ceiling fan, please remember the above point.
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    I have purchased two new ceiling fans recently. My wife was insisting on to buy a ceiling fan with four blades but I denied because I knew the reason and by reading your post I am happy for the decision I took a few days back.

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    What if I use a two blade fan? If the concept is - More the blades less the air, then two blades will be suitable for the summer. My question may be silly. I wish to know from you.

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    Mr. SuN: I don't know whether your question is silly, or not. But I know that fan with two blades is not available for purchasing. So, the question does not arise.

    But, as this is a valid question, I think you can experiment by detaching one blade of the ceiling fan of your home. Of course, only if Mrs. SuN allows it.

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    I won't mind detaching one blade from an existing fan with three blades. My wife Suryakala won't oppose it. They need to be placed opposite to each other at 180 degrees. It involves drilling of extra holes. I have seen two blade pedestal fans in marriage halls. They are excellent. Anyway, I will try to improvise one such ceiling fan to see its effect. I think, a twin blade fan would be more effective than the three or four blade fans. I think it will provide intolerable air in the room. Hence it is not advisable to have it fitted at home.

    Have you noticed the old fixed wing aircraft with a twin blade propeller in the front? It helps the aircraft move forward at good speed.

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    Yes. It is better to have three blade ceiling fans than four blade ceiling fans. The blades in the four blade fan are small and the air it can displace when it is revolving is less than three blade fans. That is why four blade fans are not very popular in the market.
    Even in AC rooms also fans with three blades at a slow speed may be good. But definitely, four blade fans are better there. Many people don't use fans in AC rooms. But I can't sleep without a fan even though it is an AC room.

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    A useful and interesting information by the author. It is true that when a three blade fan is giving the optimal results why we should go for the four blade one.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    An informative post by the author. The companies in order to lure the fashionable customers come with new models having new feature. The fan is already working with the three blade model with considerable efficiency so what is the point in changing that design if no substantial gain is there.
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    Thanks a lot for the informative post. I never felt the need to have a fan with four blades, but honestly speaking, I had no idea about its working pattern.

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    A practical post, the more the blades, the more the work, most fans have three blades and do a good job ( we have all three blades ceiling and one pedestal 3 blade). The reasons for the four blades one are likely to be due to the appeal of the fancy ceiling fans with four blades and added features of light/ornamental designs; also the markets needs newer versions or models to boost sales.

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    Nice Thread...., 3 blades serve the purpose of keeping air circulation in the room. The 4 blades move a large mass of air.

    However, In India, the fan is mostly used as a stand-alone appliance creating a convective cooling effect.

    Being lighter, the fan operates at a higher speed and is also energy efficient.

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