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    Opposition attacking Mr.Modi only because he is solely responsible for all actions in his government

    In this election campaign we are seeing all opposition parties attacking Mr.Modi only for the failures of his government. This is mainly because for every single important action of bjp government Mr.Modi only involved-demonetization, GST, Jandhan yojana, Make in India etc. In Vajpayee government, he gave freedom to every minister and they used to do their actions in consultation with him. But in the present bjp government no minister comes in to limelight and Mr.Modi only appears in every action in his government. This is a fact that even the media closely associated with bjp also confirming this fact. People may say for the sake of argument that the government run by PM is a collective responsibility of cabinet. Previously opposition used to tell Sonia is behind Mr.Manmohan Singh rule. But in this present government clearly it is Modi's monarch rule and so the blame is directly falling on him. What do you say dear members of ISC?
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    As PM, Modi takes all the responsibilities on his shoulder and also others appreciations and abuses. Modi as Prime Minister is performing extremely well. He manages and controls his cabinet very effectively. He doesn't let any ministry go lose. He strictly monitors every ministry. He suggests and executes perfectly well. There is nothing to complain about. Whatever he does is for the betterment of our nation and the public. He is bold and courageous to act against our enemies.

    This is not tolerable to the opposition camps. They fear Modi's popularity through his performance, and worry that he would continue his second term or even third term. Their eyes irritates to see Modi as an excellent PM and future PM.

    There is no other leader either in the BJP or in the opposition camps like Modiji. Modi proved himself as a highly responsible Prime Minister.

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    We have had the oppurtunity to watch the actions of the PM on previous occasions and barring a few instances his actions were quite justified if the situations were truely reviewed. He watchers the activities of his minister closely, directing them to take appropriate steps in a particular situations and above all no financial irregularity has surfaced indicating his lapses in that regard.
    However, it is the fashion of the day to blame any one despite their best performance.
    Hope in the coming time, he would take numerous bold steps benificial for the entire people of the country.

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    The opposition is not having any positive point to talk. They don't have any agenda of development. There is no strong leader. There is no plan of action.
    In BJP there is a strong leader. Modi. People are getting attracted by his way of working and trying to support him. To change the mindset of the people opposition has to talk more about Modi and they have to talk something negative about Modi. So they always talk about Modi only.
    PM is supposed to report to parliament and President of India is the supreme. But in Congress government led by Manmohan Singh is reporting to Sonia who is just an MP. Whenever Congress people speak they will talk about Sonia only but not about the PM.
    How can we say all decisions are being taken by Modi only without discussing with other ministers. They all discuss and announcements will be made by the concerned ministers only.

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    Mr Modi is the prominent person in the ruling party so he has to take all the criticism on him. Opposition has realised that he is becoming popular day by day so they somehow want to stop his progress and fame.
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    I am sure the author is aware of our Prime Minister Mr Modi's popularity, so is the opposition. The opposition always attacks the person who is more popular or the most efficient and there is no harm in it as long as this attack is within limits. I would like to make the author aware that GST was the brainchild of the then Congress-led UPA government. Where is the problem in implementing new schemes and In which election the PM was not attacked by the opposition? As the head of the government, he is accountable for all the actions of his ministers and when he is solely attacked for all the actions of his government he is also reacting to the charges of the opposition. Aren't things going in a democratic way?

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    Mr Modi is a very laborious and hard working person and due to this there is an image that all the decisions are taken by him only. It is not like that. He is taking major decisions and other things people are taking care at lower level. As Mr Modi is a tough task master it is natural that the people at lower level will also have to toil a lot before taking a decision as they will be questioned if decision goes wrong. So there is nothing unusual in that because in any organisation if the boss is like Mr Modi then same problem will come as it will appear as if every decision is taken by him only.

    We have seen the various Govt which were working in appeasement and goody goody mode and today the things are changing and we are not able to digest these changes. I do not see Mr Modi working as an autocrat. He is simply working as a tough boss and nothing more than that. He is only responsible to that extent which as per law any other PM would had been.

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    In every work, if a team fails or get success the leader is appreciated for the success held for the failure so it's not a new thing that the opposition is criticising Mr Modi for the failure. Also, it's very normal that the opposition attacks the leader. When the elections are going we can understand that Congress party will do that. Mr Modi has a very good image among the public so by making comments against him they are trying to shatter that good image.

    In this election, many of the people are not voting to BJP but they are voting Mr Modi as they know him only. And by making remarks against him they are trying to make him infamous which ultimately will help them to gain votes which I think won't work for them.


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