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    As our motor nerves send wrong signals when we see this!

    The Human brain is difficult to depict as we study in our education and learn that outside food which is unhygienic is dangerous because of dust polluted, housefly and nearby surroundings where we buy the outside food are also unhygienic as our brain doesn't listen to all these things because of our motor nerves which carry signals to the brain will send wrong signals of seeing the outside food. Why do we still attract to eat unhygienic food even though we know that it is not good for health? Why can't we resist to eat outside food? Please comment on this. Do you agree As our motor nerves send wrong signals when we see outside food?
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    This is the human tendency. We will get attracted to bad habits than good habits. To imbibe good habits is difficult. But we can get bad habits easily. If we move with rich people we will not get his money but we will get his bad habits.
    That is the reason we always tend to eat food on the roadside. They smell well and they are tasty. But they are not good for health. Even then we will eat it. This is our brain effect.
    Another issue is we start eating we can't stop it easily. We will go for more and more at the same time. This will create health problems. The over boiled oil and roadside dust, insects and unhygienic conditions will make it tastier. We will forget all the bad features of the food and we will go on eating. That all depends on the individual's mental status. If we make a strong point that we should not eat we may be able to resist but it will be difficult.

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    We are attracted to road side food because of that spicy and chilli taste which we do not get in the house. The mind tells us not to take it as it might be unhygienic but we are tempted to it because of the earlier imprints of its taste in our mind. So it is a fight between mind and mind. Difficult to predict who wins. It will vary from individual to individual and will also depend on their respective will powers.
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    Sometimes it's not easy to resist the roadside God as it is made differently than the food made at home. They are tasty because they are made spicy which we don't cook at our homes usually. Actually, our brain knows that eating such food is harmful but it's our heart which doesn't resist so we eat roadside food.

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    It is very difficult to control the desires of taste buds and very few people are able to have such controls. So, when we see and smell the tasty, spicy and hot foods in the eateries or food stalls we can not control ourselves and have it at any cost. As regards to the hygienic conditions in these places many of us know that they are not good for our health but the problem is the temptation of the food. Even the mind is defeated and no logic works in such cases.
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