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    Legislature members get an unwanted invitation!

    In olden days as the shop owner favorite movie stars are invited to open a shop (for ribbon cutting) now the trend is changed as M.L.A of the constituency has been invited to open a Kirana shop or a salon shop and now it crossed further that MP's and ministers are invited for Half Saree functions by luxurious persons this is told by none other than our vice president Venkaiah Naidu when he addresses the meeting. Do you think is it acceptable that Legislature members invited for private and personal functions? Please share your valuable comment on this.
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    Earlier days we were not able to see an MLA easily. We used to take his time and see him only when he asked us to come. The respect they were getting was very good and they were able to get the things done. They used to have some powers. But slowly the position is changed. MLAs and MPs started moving with the people and they started attending small gatherings and functions also. They are helping their people to get loans and licences for getting their business started as they are not able to help them with government jobs or government works. They are doing these helps only to the people who follow them and who canvass for them. So all their Bakthas are only getting the benefits. These Bakthas only are calling them for openings and they will give them some money for inaugurating the shop to MLA/MP. The amount may be less than what they have to pay for a celebrity. This may be the reason these days many are calling MLA or MP to inaugurate small shops like wine shops, Saloons and others.
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    The olden days MPs and MLAs had their own respect and dignity. They had their own standard and was not approachable and were not interested in publicity. They were patriotic and devoted their time for the welfare of the public.

    These days, politicians are corrupt and cheaply available to any one who invite them. Really, they are cheaper than the celebrities.

    A celebrity need to be paid a lot along with invitation, but a politician can be invited without any cash but only vote. Just a small gift would do the magic.

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    Well, for personal and private functions anybody can be invited and it depends solely on the organizer of that function. Legislators do not go everywhere. They go to those places where they will get maximum publicity. If they have a good rapport with that person and feel their vote is secured in that place they will try their best to go there. They go to the opening ceremonies to create an impression among the public that they are supporting the venture and also want others to try out new ventures. It seems, in these days of attentive media no public leader wants to lose the opportunity to get their voices heard.

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    Strictly speaking the people in political positions MLA or MPs and the Govt servants from President to peon should not go to any such inaugural function for opening of a private shop, opening ceremony of a newly constructed temple/ masjid/ gurudwara etc, opening of a private spiritual centre and things like that. It is against the basic regulations and protocol but in practical life they do not follow it and go anywhere they like or have political affiliations. This is only a show of indiscipline that shows that how people at higher posts do not bother for any protocol. A person after retirement when he is not in a decision making capacity in the Govt can go to inaugurate or flag off the opening ceremonies. It is another matter that in that case he will not be of any help to that shopkeeper or the owner of that enterprise.
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    Often senior politicians, ministers and MPs drop in at functions of the rich, powerful or influential businessmen and families. To the host, it's a matter of pride or prestige to have such powerful public figures attending their functions. For the politicians, it would be a game of give and take as often the family hosting the function would be well known to the politicians in office or would have favours to be traded.

    This is a common practice and it should be objectionable if money changes hands or public funds are used for travel and gifts. It would be more worthwhile, if the politicians attend the functions of underprivileged or common people who have done something good for the people and neighbourhood (freedom fighters, servicemen, philanthropists, people in orphanages etc).

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