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    What are you views on the famous K-Pop band BTS promoting psychology in their music?

    Their recent album, Map of the soul: Persona is inspired by famous psychologist Karl Jung's personality theory. Their music has been soaring the charts and they have recently also won two BBMS.
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    You appear to be a new member here so first of all I will like to welcome you to this portal ISC which is mainly an educational and knowledge sharing site and members can submit their articles and other information here as well as participate in forum sections and other interesting sections here.

    You have posted a nice post but I will suggest you to be more clear in your post by a bit elaborating on it and also slightly giving your opinion about it and then asking the members about what they think of this soaring music. Definitely the members interested in music and songs will give their comment and you can also interact in between and the discussions will prolong. An incomplete, short and concise post sometimes does not attract the members to respond to it. You can add your brief comment on this again and hopefully we will have a fruitful discussion.

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    We expect that the posts from the new Member would be a little bit elaborate so that Members like me can understand on which subject she writes.
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    Welcome to ISC. Before start posting please go through the help section and know more about the site and the ways and means of working on this site. You will get the clarity and then you can start posting. A little elaboration on the topic you have selected will give a chance to the people to react. I am not well versed with music and varieties in music. But I am a good listener.
    Anyhow if you give more details people who are having knowledge in the subject and we heard the album may give their views and opinions so that there will be a good understanding.
    I wish you all the best and hope you will have good times on this site.

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    There is nothing wrong with your post, it is just that it is not 'suitable' for this platform. You won't find people discussing pop-culture here, leave alone know of K-pop. As you would have gauged, no one here, understood what K-pop stood for or who BTS are or what BBMAs stands for.

    It is a cultural thing, don't let their ignorance scare you. The question you posted makes sense, yes, it does. I haven't heard their latest album, but I did get to watch their videos in the UK and understood why they are such a craze. They have also been on major talk shows. They have taken the music world by storm.

    K-pop stands for Korean Pop and BTS is a Korean all boy band (Bangtan Boys). They have been topping the charts and have won the BBMAs (Billboard Music Awards), proving that music has no language and culture. Most of their songs are in their native language Korean, with a bit of English thrown in.

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    "Their recent album, Map of the soul: Persona is inspired by famous psychologist Karl Jung's personality theory."----------------I don't think that a ideal Forum post starts in this manner. Earlier I was silent showing courtesy to the new Member.

    Further, I am not ashamed to admit my ignorance about K-Pop. In fact, I am ignorant of English Pop music also. I do have some idea about Carl Jung's theory on personality where he has tried to explain ego.

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    Read the post in its entirety, please. It starts off with a relevant question. So what if it is in the title, everything is contained in that. One needs to make an effort here. Come come, surely it wasn't so difficult to decipher.

    And let me be forthright here, members who provided guidance assumed that the new member hadn't been through the guidelines. The content isn't copied. It does make sense. It is in chaste English. What more?

    Lately, unintelligible threads have been receiving responses. It is 'evident' that when people put their mind to it, they have the ability to make sense of the gibberish that is being posted here. Then why complain over a thread in plain English? Why unnerve a new member? Why not just open out and say that one is not familiar with the genre?

    O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
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    No one is unnerving a new Member. She has only been requested to be a little bit elaborate: that's all.
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    This post is a bit different than others in the sense that we have a few like this in the forum section. Though forum section is open to all sort of discussions. This is a pleasant change. Only thing is the post was not very clear as what the author wanted to tell and expects us to respond. Anyway it is more and less elaborated now by other members and has taken up the pace of the usual posts.
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    Thank you for pointing out my mistake which was the lack of knowledge as to how a question has to be placed in a forum, I should have been a bit elaborative, is what I understood from the above responses. As one of the members has already given the definition of K-pop music I hope its all clear there, a big thank you for that, and the other responses as well who have been understandable towards the question and supportive.
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    BTS, a Korean K-POP band emphasis a lot on positivity and psychology. As their recent album, Map of the soul, has various songs under it like Intro Persona, Make it Right, the most recent Boy with luv, a collaboration with the famous Americal Singer Halsey. As BTS focus on self-love and self-awareness with their albums such as Love Yourself, Tear, Love Yourself, Answer which are a follow up to Map Of the Soul. This new album of them as well focuses mainly on self-doubt, who am I? such questions which talk's a lot of Karl Jung's theory of personality. BTS has helped many people overcome their fears as there are so many articles on not only teenagers but mothers and elders as well who have spoken out things and said that how listening to BTS music has helped them love themselves and care less about the world and the societal thinkings. Fans of BTS call themselves as ARMY and they have often spoken about how they have now turned into a different person from an extremely introvert person who could not even speak a single word to a stranger or socialize well. BTS has helped tons of people to be themselves and love and accept themselves and others in a very positive manner. My whole point here is that BTS music is of course Korean K-Pop music and listening to different language music is not easy and some don't like googling lyrics all the time which is totally fine but if listening to a different kind of language or type of music helps one in loving themselves or helps ones psychologically then why not? and it has helped many people in different ways so, what's your view about listening to BTS who are promoting Psychology in ways that can help one, through their lovely songs.
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