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    What do you understand by the term Surgical Strike?

    Modi and his nation is proud of a recent Surgical Strike in POK. The opposition party Congress(UPA) also claims Six surgical strikes during their rule between 2004 and 2014. A bright light is shown on Balakot surgical strike and we all have witnessed it. No one in India heard about a single surgical strike as claimed by UPA between 2004 and 2014. And a RTI filed to know the details of surgical strikes during UPA rule also confirms that there was no surgical strike during the UPA regime. Military top brasses also confirm that there was no surgical strike during 2004 -2014.

    Is not Congress lying? Why should they lie? Don't they know the difference between Surgical strike and normal Cross Border strike?
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    A very good question by Mr. SuN. Surgical strike is a well-coordinated strike in which the coordination is done by the Integrated Command HQ. In such a strike, there is minimum collateral damage (civilian casualty) but is effective to eliminate the target.

    As far as I know, during the UPA regime, there was one cross-border retaliation. It was a Divisional-level operation (not a surgical strike). This operation was codenamed as Operation Ginger. I reiterate that this was only a Divisional-level operation and Army HQ was not involved. The concerned Divisional Head Major-General S.K. Chakravorty (Retd.), the then GOC 28 Division, did not get any further promotion. This operation took place in 2011. I should not make any further comment on this issue.

    Gen. VK Singh (Retd.) and Gen. Bikram Singh (Retd.), both Army Chiefs during the UPA regime, have denied any surgical strike during their tenure as Army Chief.

    Dr. MMS has further lost his credibility by his comment. He could have remained silent, as always.

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    Lt.General Hooda in a conference informed that many surgical strikes occurred even before Modi's government also. Lt. General Hooda is an architect of 2016 surgical strikes.

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    It is pity that even a General doesn't know what is a cross border strike and a surgical strike. The Officer is a Congress supporter and said about the cross border strike as surgical strike. The right to information act has confirmed it in writing that there is no record of single surgical strike during the UPA rule.

    It took many days for Congress to claim its surgical (Cross border strike) strikes of the past, after having listened to the Modi's claim for his Balakot surgical strike which the whole world witnessed.

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    As far as I know, there were no surgical strikes during the regime of UPA. A cross border attack is different from Surgical strike. During UPS government there may be firings across the border from both the sides. A surgical strike is a well-planned attack so that the damage will be limited to the targetted area and there will not be any unwanted damage. The people in the highest positions don't know what is a surgical strike is a very astonishing factor.
    The information given for RTI will be factual only. Some people may talk based on their political affiliations. We can't help it except ignoring the same.

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    Despite the 18 days crucial war between the Kauravas and Pandavas (from sunrise to sunset only), the real surgical strike that happened in Mahabharatha was, as a retaliation to Duryodhana's death, when Aswatama s/o Drona went into Pandavas tents in their camp and killed the five Yuva Pandavas and Dhristadhimman, while they were sleeping tight after the day's fight. Due to darkness, Aswatama presumed them to be Pandavas. He miserably failed in his surgical strike as his real target was the Pandava brothers Yudhistra, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, Sahadev and Draupathi who were resting outside their camp area.

    In this surgical strike during Modi's rule, Indian fighter planes crossed the LOC and penetrated deep into POK and carried out their well planned surgical strike successfully.

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