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    Why not this notice title can be scrolled when playing these scenes in movies?

    As we see whenever an actor who is smoking a cigarette or alcohol then immediately there is notice title appear or scrolled on the screen that Smoking and Drinking is injurious to health similarly whenever there is a rape scene or molestation scenes or illicit or illegal relationship or using of drugs and child labor is there then why not there is a warning notice title shown on the silver screen? what are the cases (IPC section) that culprits can be booked that should be visible there? so as to educate or enlighten that the public the culprit can be strongly booked in these cases because a movie is a mass entertainment it will reach to the public very quickly do you agree with this?... Can you comment on this...
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    It is definitely a good idea to give a moralistic notice to the audience especially the children during such activities on the screen. Only question comes in mind is the modality of doing that. If you give a notice in bold letters scrolling up and down and obscuring the view of the audience then they will not like it as the sole purpose of going to movie is for enjoyment and the purpose will be defeated. So either the scrolling should be on one side in readable letters not distracting the audience or it can be given in a small band in the lower part of the screen like we see the subtitles in foreign language videos. In any case it should not distract the audience as in that case neither they nor the movie makers will like this idea. Any idea which is against a business seldom sees the light of the day.
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    Yes. A very good suggestion from the author. It is true that a rape scene or molestation scenes or illicit or illegal relationship or using drugs and child labour scenes are not good. But as a part of the movies, they are showing that. So when these scenes come on the screen notice title can be scrolled for cautioning the viewers. They do this for cigarette smoking, drinking and when they do some actions which are very risky. I think the censor board should think about this and implement the same so that people will not get into these habits.
    But some people may argue that nobody stops drinking or smoking by seeing these notices. Maybe true. But we need not stop trying thinking that no one will follow this. By seeing the same many times if the mindset of some people changes that will be a positive achievement only.

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    Better than the scrolling of the ad words, to be more effective, I suggest an ad video to be inserted before or after the smoking/drinking/raping scene. It would get registered deeply into the minds of every viewer of that film scene. The Film Censor Board should insist for it before issuing the certificate.
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    A good suggestion. Only thing is it should not be irritating to those who feel it as a distraction. The controlling authorities can think about it and implement after the meeting with the movie makers or other related persons.
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    The warnings scrolled during smoking or drinking scenes are to create awareness among the public about the health hazards of smoking or drinking. It is added only recently and I do not know whether after showing this warning the consumption has reduced or not. If a warning is displayed before every action, then what is the point of showing the film? Suppose if a criminal or a villain in the film brandishes a gun, do you think it is a good idea to show a warning that possession of a weapon without a licence is illegal and attracts penalty under certain sections of IPC? There are many films which are not suitable for certain viewers and they are classified accordingly. A film has its own story and everything is shown in an organized manner. Do you think that the audience needs to be reminded that rape, murder, stealing or abusing others is a crime? They all know it very well, but the film shows those incidents according to its storyline. If the producer or the government thinks the audience must be warned of certain things then all warning messages should be shown before screening the film.

    Mr Sun has suggested in his reply @ # 664387, to insert videos in between the scenes. Showing videos to aware people is good, but that should not be done in between the scenes. It has to be done either before screening the movie or during the intervals. I hope nobody will like the ads when Youtube videos are played. People get irritated when even the small duration of Youtube videos are interrupted by advertisements, just think of the situation when any warning or message is displayed during any thrilling moments of the film.


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    Whether to screen or cut certain objectionable or sensitive content in movies is decided by the Censor board. Once the board decides then based on the certification (U/A or UA) the general public would have an idea of what to expect and whom to take.
    Often when such disturbing scenes are shown, the image would be blurred or the subjects would be off focus relying more on the audio content. The suggestion of the author sounds good because a crime is being shown to the audience and if the same public know the punishment for it, then it could act as a deterrent. The practicality and the use of it can be deduced based on the experience of warnings on the cigarette packets.

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    At first I felt this isn't a good suggestion. Then I read it few more times and found that it could actually work. Since child labour, drug abuse, rape etc are crimes, it is taken for granted that people won't commit it. But if the IPC sections are shown the way you say on screen then we might expect a little more obedience. Heinous crimes like rape are what people with morals generally abstain from but child labour is really prevalent a crime. So child labour will be vanquished if this method comes into life. But even before a movie starts we get a message saying "the characters in the movie don't patronize these behaviors". That itself can be considered a statutory warning. So it might be difficult to bring this method to life.
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    No, this will not be good. In movies, it's expected that villain will do crimes and every time he does it a caption cannot be inserted. Also, Aditya clarified rape, molestation are itself crimes for which a villain is beaten by the hero or punished by the police when caught whereas for drinking or smoking no one is punished in the movie, even the hero does it whom we all think our ideal. So the caption is necessary to be inserted when he does it as we don't expect this from the hero.

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