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    Does being selective in reading deprive us from the effective knowledge?

    People have different reading habits. Whether it is book reading or online reading while surfing everyone finds things of ones taste and goes through them. The ocean of knowledge is very large and all sort of information and data is available there. Sill, we are confined to our taste and selective approach. For example, a person interested only in world of movies and TV shows will read a lot about these subjects and will in a long run acquire a lot of information in the field but he will be deprived of so many other things and other knowledge.

    On the other hand many people try to cover various fields and areas and gain significant knowledge pieces in the process and become knowledgeable to some good extent. What in your opinion should be our approach - to remain confined to a few areas of entertainment and leisure type of knowledge or increase our span of reading to other areas like history, politics, sociology, science, computers and so many other interesting fields. Will it be strenuous to go for so much varied acquisitions? What do you think about this?
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    Naturally every person has his or her own tastes or habits, whether it is reading or eating. We tend to read the books or contents which are more interesting to us. But in order to expand our knowledge base it is necessary to explore other areas too.
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    Reading is a very good habit. One should read as much as possible. Instead of wasting our time for useless issues if we spend in reading that will increase our knowledge and that will help us to increase our vocabulary also. So we can't forget reading.
    I am more comfortable in reading physical books rather than on electronic devices. Daily I will spend some time reading. Every day morning reading newspaper is one of my daily activities. I like to read subject books and try to understand and improve my subject knowledge. I rarely read for entertainment or time pass. I read for knowledge improvement.
    But sometimes when I am not in a good mood I will try to read some light reading books so that I will forget the problem and get relaxed. It is better if we read different subject books and increase our knowledge in those areas also in addition to our core area.

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