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    Do not treat children with kid gloves

    In a vast majority of cases, the children of all age groups have far better exposure and knowledge today, thanks to the widespread use of internet. They are armed with a good deal of information and have a mind of their own. They also have a very big indifference to too much of advise or hand-holding.

    Parents need to recognize their urge to have freedom to some extent. Yes, some control is always needed. More so, in matters related to their involvement in social media. However, excessive doting of children might only produce the opposite effect. Assertiveness begins with being very much informed about everything, right from the age of ten.

    Given current realities, it is wise for parents to desist from treating their children with kid gloves.
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    It is the duty of the parents to guide their children what is right and what is wrong. As rightly pointed out by the Author, it would not be appropriate for the parents to monitor their children all the time. Too much of monitoring results in more curiosity among children to explore the areas where they have bee restricted. However it would not be proper for the parents to leave their children totally free.
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    Too much is not good in any aspect. So too much caring for the children is also not good. At the same time, we can't leave them without monitoring them. As a parent, we should see that they will be walking in the right direction without going for unwanted issues. But if don't care at all they may get misguided. So telling them what is good and what is bad and seeing that they will not be in the line of getting bad habits is very much required.
    You can't ask them not to go for a movie. But you should see that they will go for only good movies and that too in free time. This balance is always required for the children until they grow. Once they are matured enough we need not worry much about their activities but we should monitor them.
    The growth of the children in the right direction will depend more on the parents, their advice and their behaviour.

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