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    How has listening to different cultural music helped one in any way?

    Listening to various kinds of languages does not only remove language barriers but also allows one's mind to adapt to different cultures. I personally listen to a lot of different kinds of music such as Assamese, Bengali, Marathi, Hindi, Korean, Latin and many more. It makes me curious to know about what exactly does this music mean as it captivated my mind. Hence I Google it and that's how I get to know about the lyrics its meaning and I learn a new language as well; maybe not completely but at least awareness about the meaning of those particular words is obtained and if it intrigues me further I try and know about their cultural background as well. Have you had a similar learning experience?
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    It is correct. Listening to different language music songs will give you exposure to different languages and different music styles. That will enhance your knowledge. When people work in different places in the country they will understand more languages and they will also understand different cultures. So their knowledge will be much higher than a person who worked only in his native place.
    As far as I am concerned I never worked outside my home state. But I travelled a lot in India as well as abroad. So I happened to interact with different people and It happened for me to hear music in different languages. If the composing is good even though we may not understand word by word we will understand the general meaning and we can enjoy the song.

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    A good post by the new member. A song has two parts. One is the music and other is lyric. For music we do not have a barrier as music is beyond language. The problem comes in the lyric as lyric is poetic in nature and difficult to comprehend than that of the prose. Still, if it is melodious we can enjoy it. Many people listen to other language songs and music and enjoy the melody. It is a good idea to find out the lyrics and their translation in the internet and then listen it and enjoy fully.
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    Listening to good music refreshes our mind. Music has no barrier. Even animals and birds too like music. But music should be pleasant.
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    Different people have interest in different type of music. A melodious music is always soothing and pleasant to ears. Sometimes language is a barrier but still one can enjoy the music part.
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    I fancy Sufi and Rajastani folk a lot in Indian music styles. But I also keep my ear open to Japanese, Tuareg, Arab and Bulgarian music styles. If we talk technically, what really separate the music styles of different regions is the use of scales or use of same scale differently. These musical differences are very amusing to study. The difference in music comes from differences in languages. Some languages stress on accents and some have an innate rhythm. These qualities reflect in musical choices. And once we can piece the language and scale patterns together, learning about the culture becomes dead easy. For an instance our Hindustani style is very major sounding. Hence the melodies are uplifting.
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    Yes, pleasant music is definitely enjoyable. Listening to a different language of music even opens up one's earbud to a new kind of music or language. What are your views on listening to K-pop music? or what kind of music do you'll listen to? Do you'll listen to different language music? If yes, then which ones? Would love to listen to them and no more about different cultures.
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    I don't know about how other people feel but i love Indian classical music and also old bollywood music which is also derived from our classical music. It makes me feel so rich as a heir of such rich musical culture. I am kind of person who likes to listen both kind of new and old, English and Hindi and Gujarati songs.
    I am from Gujarat and if i would talk about Gujarati traditional music, the first most thing comes to mind is Garba. The rich heritage and most famous among youth of Gujarat. I love listening Garba to that extent that i can hear that anytime and it always helps to make my mood fresh and happy. In fact, while writing this, it is playing in my mind and it is gloving my face.

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