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    Morality should be the only basis of judging a person

    It has become a norm to judge people on the basis of age, gender, relationship, wealth and education. Whatever is happening in our society it must make us think that neither every youth is a culprit nor every female is innocent. Neither senior citizens are all very large-hearted nor every child is loving. All the rich are not notorious nor all the poor are very simple by nature. Every educated person is not humble and all the trouble makers are not illiterates.

    I believe every person has to be judged individually and on the basis of their character and morality. We are habituated to blame males, youths, children and rich. We come to a conclusion without any inquiry which is very unfair. What do you say?
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    In my opinion, we cannot judge anyone innocent or a culprit until we investigate fully. It's very obvious we see kids and women as innocents but in all cases, it is not true. In many cases, we find that the woman is the main culprit.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    We form our opinion about a person based on the available inputs. We need to verify the inputs thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. The media these days are not fair and do not follow any ethics. Some medias, conduct Scandalous campaigns against people without properly ascertaining the facts.

    We need to make our own judgments before commenting about other person. Our judgments should supported with verifiable facts.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Very true. All the rich are not bad. All the poor are not good. In rich also there are good people and similarly, there are bad people in poor also. But when there is a problem between a poor and a rich generally, all will say that the rich person behaved improperly. But before actually judging a person we should know him well and we should judge him based on his actual behaviour and discipline.
    If there is a road accident, if a car hits a scooter, even though the fault is with the scooter fellow immediately no one will recognise that and blame the car driver only. This is the general attitude.
    I know many incidents where the female behaved badly with a male counterpart. But in those incidents also initially the male will get the blame. This is the general attitude. After enquiry and deep study only the people will realise that the male is not the culprit.
    The author is very right and we should judge a person by their Morality and behaviour but not with other parameters.

    always confident

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    A thoughtful thread, it is difficult to judge a person without interacting and knowing a little more about them. Often, the world views a person by preformed opinions and biased views, for instance, if a boy and girl are sitting and talking alone, then something fishy is suspected. If a girl wears a modern dress and is outgoing, then she is of loose morals, a son often ill-treats his parents and favors his wife and his own in-laws.

    The important question is what is morality? who defines it? if the assessor's moral compass itself is skewed, then who can he or she judge a person's morality?. This is where the problem arises. To get out of this updated views about people, we need to see a great shift in the way children are raised, in the way adults interact, media and society also need to change.

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    A thought provoking post by the author. We should not judge a person just like that. There is no generalisation while judging a person. It should be based on the thorough investigation about him and his traits and attributes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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