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    Can any one give gurantee for our life, how long do we live?

    In one of the training session in which I was also a participant , the faculty posed a query to the participants. The query was quite intriguing. The query was how many years do you think you will live?. Each participant was puzzled and started saying no one give such guarantee. But , faculty said I will give you Guarantee for your life. Participants started thinking that something is wrong with the faculty and how can anyone give guarantee for someone's life. But the next statement by the faculty really made us to think again and again about our life. The faculty said I will give you Guarantee for your life for the period between breathe in and breathe out.

    In our life we plan so many things but we do not know what happens in the next morning. We are not sure of seeing the sun rise on the next day.

    How can we make our life beautiful, friendly so that we are remembered by others?
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    In a movie Called Swayamkrushi, where the hero (Chiranjeevi) is a cobbler as the customer comes with a new pair of chappal to repair then the cobbler, asked how these new chappals got damaged then the customer says there is no guarantee for Humans so where is the guarantee for chappals...
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    Through accurate prediction of your horoscope based on your right time of birth on this earth, an expert astrologer(not half baked) can guarantee your life on earth from birth to death.

    My grandfather was an astrologer. He predicted his own date of death well in advance through his horoscope. My life is guaranteed for 81 years by three expert astrologers, and also by myself.

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    In today's world life is unpredictable. No one can give a guarantee of his or her life. Even though we have the best medical facilities we are not sure of our life. But what is important is to live life nicely. It's not essential to think about the past and future just think of the present. There are people who spend their whole life in earning money and they don't have time to enjoy their life with that money. This is sad as such person realise it afterwards that they have wasted their life. So it's important to live in the present and don't think of the future and don't repent in the past. Eat healthily and stay fit. Keep yourself stress free as stress reduces life. Always do physical exercise in the morning to keep yourself disease free. Such small things will increase your life otherwise there is no one who can take guarantee of your life.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    Nobody can give a guarantee for the years of our lives. An Astrologer may be able to predict and tell you accurately that you will live for so many years, can't give you a guarantee for their prediction also. We should not even ask them the guarantee also. We sleep in the night with a hope that we will wake up the next day morning. This is the hope that is making us continue our efforts. If there is no hope of our living we can't do any work.
    We have to have goals and we have to work hard thinking that we will live for long. Otherwise, if we think that our lives are uncertain we can't do anything in our lifetime.

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    Guarantee for life between breaths is just another way of stating the truth, probably a sales related concept or a positive thinking concept.

    It is a well-known fact that we all know when we arrived but when we leave this world is not known for sure. I read somewhere that, between birth and death is where the dance of life occurs. How we behave, our deeds, our achievements, the impact of our own bad deeds on others, etc decide how the world is going to remember us. Whether we will be truly missed by the people whose lives we touch or whether they feel it's good riddance (after our death) depends on what we have done and will do.

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    The cycle of animal life including humans is a deep mystery which science wants to unearth. The birth and death and the purpose of life has been a matter of great investigation since ages and philosophers and scholars have proposed various theories and understanding of these happenings. Many religions, cults and tribes are following different doctrine in the matter. Societies have their own Gods, own mythology and own beliefs and faiths.

    In addition to the mystery of life on this planet Earth there are other intriguing questions regarding the length of life of an individual as well as prediction of his age. In different cultures different methods are used to predict and foretell the destiny of life but the authenticity of these methods is questionable as they are not supported by any logic or rationality.

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    There are people who predicted their lives and their predictions were absolutely true. Such predictions come true when we are true followers of God, having followed disciplined lives and the life - styles are simple. Even the foods being consumed them are non - spicy and contains less oil. They are not the people of jealousy type and their requirement is minimum.
    They said listen to your heart and a true prediction of life will follow.

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    Telling about the life length of a person seems to a difficult task to me. I doubt if anyone is capable of doing it. Predicting something is different from the reality. I do not believe in such predictions.
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    Can anyone give guarantee for our life, how long do we live?

    This is found to be a serious question.

    If someone can predict when we are going to die, accurately, then what will be the fate of our life insurance companies? What will be the fate of our astrologers? All of them are going to be jobless.
    A paper published in the journal Nature, describes the Google companies Medical Brain team developed a new type of Artificial Intelligence algorithm to make predictions about the likelihood of the death of a person, claiming 95% accuracy.

    If Google sells its data to Insurance companies, the cost of your life insurance premium leaps.

    We don't know whether life Insurance companies can survive in the future.

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    Man proposes and god disposes. We make lots of plan, become selfish, keep high ego and one day suddenly disappear from the scene.
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