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    Leave the crown behind - It is not permanent.

    People occupying high position in the organization behave like they are the kings. They never realize that they are Kings only within the four walls of the Company and one day they have to leave their position. It is a fact these people respected and recognised only inside the organisation. When they go out on streets they are also commoners like any other person. The crown which they think they are wearing with the position is temporary. We should realize that what we can carry is only love and affection of people and long lasting relationship.
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    While in Rome, be a Roman. While in India, be an Indian. While in a street, be a pedestrian. Nothing is permanent in this world, and we own nothing. Even the 6x2 feet land where we get buried is not our own land.
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    True. People think that their positions are permanent. But they never know that they may be like any other person once they are out of that post. Nothing is permanent in this world. This fact is to be recognised and we should behave normally when we are in power.
    But a teacher who teaches us will be remembered by his students forever. They will get respect always from their students. Similarly, a person on the highest position behaves properly with his subordinates and treats them properly, they will remember him for many years. They will respect that man very well and even after his retirement if they see him they will show them respect.
    Personally, we should not forget that basically we are all human beings and after that only all these positions and designations.

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    This is very usual that bosses think they are bosses ever and forget that they are bosses only in the company and not outside. They are respected because of their designation only. Whereas if the person is polite and etiquette is respected for it even though he is not at a top position.

    These days bosses don't treat their subordinate nicely as they just think about the targets which is wrong as in this scenario they forget how to talk with their subordinates and get inhuman. There are many instances where my boss has verbally abused someone and didn't release it later on.

    Bosses feel that they respected because of their knowledge but they are mistaken they are not. Inside the company, they may be king but outside the company, they are an ordinary person. They should remember it and behave accordingly with the people inside the company. If all bosses realise it there would be no office politics and people will work with better efficiency.


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    A good pos by the author. When we are in higher position we should not forget that we will not be there on one day and someone will occupy that seat. So, we should behave with the subordinates in a proper way and should not unnecessarily offend them.
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    It is absolutely correct. Actually, people in higher positions of an organization is respected because of that position, i.e. because of the crown, they are wearing. For example, the perks and allowances for the President of the country or any IAS officer in the country are fixed. Whoever attains that position is entitled to those allowances and perks. But the associates of persons working in higher ranks remember them because of their behaviour. There are many officers who are respected even after retirement by their colleagues and subordinates because of being compassionate. Behaviour plays a vital role here, the more arrogant a person is, the lesser respect is earned by her/him after leaving the organization.

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    The positions and posts are for a limited period. They are basically for running the system or managing the organisation or institution or state or country or any such entity. It does not give you the right to arrogance and cruelty. You have to manage people by discipline, motivation, encouragement and compassion. Cruelty will only give short time gains but it will earn the boss a bad reputation and wrath of the subordinates. What ultimately counts is goodwill and respect which only comes with good behaviour and by taking care of the people.
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    I remember a quote that one of my senior supervisor would use ' be kind to people on your way up because you are bound to meet them on your way down'. Many people with authority in public and private offices do not wield their power, they tend to be like commoners. Few months back an image of Mr.Bill Gates standing in the queue for a burger went viral. If this gentleman wants, he can buy thousands of burger restaurants but he stood like a common man waiting for his turn.

    On the other hand, I have come across people who misbehave, jump queues, expect and extract VIP treatment. Such people should realise that what is more important is how people treat or view the boss after he/she gives up the post. This would reflect on how good a person/human he/she was.

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    Some politicians who become ministers also think that their position is permanent. They consider themselves as Maharaja's when they come before public. They do not realize that they are public servants.
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