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    What type of tea or coffee you like to take?

    Tea or coffee is an integral part of our life. Most of us take it in the morning as well as afternoon. Some of us take it many times a day addictively. There will be very few people who do not take these common items in our households.

    I do not like tea but like the milk coffee. What is your interest? Do you like tea or coffee or both? How do you take it? Without milk or with milk? Please share your taste.
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    I like Chennai Filter Cofee

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    I like milk tea especially masala milk tea. I can't think life without this type of tea. It might be an addiction but it is there. Sometime back I tried dip tea but it was not to my expectations. It did not turn out to be my cup of tea! Then I tried green tea. It also did not go well and I could not continue it. The common Indian kadak (strong) masala tea is really very tasty and soothing for the senses. The aroma of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper is really the superb thing about this masala tea. This can be prepared in the house very easily. It can be taken without sugar for those who are diabetic or health conscious.
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    I like both Coffee and Tea.
    Early in the morning, after rising from the bed, I like to take a cup of Tea with Milk.
    After the breakfast, I take a cup of Coffee with Milk
    At about 11 a.m, I take a cup of Lemon Tea.
    At about 4 p.m, with some snacks, I take a cup of Tea with Milk
    After the dinner, I take a cup of Coffee with Milk.

    @ I like black coffee with palm gud, not sugar.

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    I like coffee more than tea. I take coffee only once a day. I will take coffee very strong and with very less sugar. Every day morning before breakfast I take this coffee. I like filter coffee more than instant coffee.
    I take three times a day tea. Early morning before starting my Pooja I will take a cup of green tea with lemon. No sugar and no milk in it. After going to the office after lunch I take one cup of black tea. No sugar and no milk. In the evening after going home I will take a cup of Patanjali Tea. In this also there is no milk and no sugar. I will take it with lemon only.
    Tea with milk I will not take generally. But very rarely if we go to any of our friends or relatives and if they offer tea with milk and sugar, I will take that.

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