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    Is khaki uniform a mandatory for labors or workers?

    As I remembered once N.T.R (ex-Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) used to wear Khaki uniform as it was a mark of respecting them (Karmikulu or labors or workers).As today when I am going by Auto suddenly the Auto driver asked to give Khaki shirt which was placed back side of me as he remembers that because Traffic policers are nearing him as I suddenly pick his Shirt and gave to him as I asked is it mandatory to wear Khaki uniform when riding the Auto he said yes, Otherwise he will be penalized. Why the Auto driver or Bus driver and municipality workers need to wear Khaki uniform? What was the reason behind it?
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    It is not necessary that the labourers should wear the khaki dress. It is one of the colours that matches with the dust and dirt and goes well with it so to avoid the light colour clothes this colour has been chosen and is now popular among the workers.
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    No, it's not mandatory for the labourers to wear Khaki uniform. It's because it doesn't get dirty easily like any other light colour. Even RSS people wear Khaki shorts when they go for exercise in the morning.

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    When it comes to working in sun, rain and outdoor environment, the colour of the dress counts as it should be dark enough to absorb the dirt, dust and stains. So, colours like khaki, brown and other such colours are chosen for the working dress. Another thing is to distinguish the group of the labourers from others the dress code helps. Companies have certain policies in this regard and is followed during the working hours by the workers.
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    In most of the wearing of Khaki Uniform by the police personnel is mandatory. Similarly as per the RTO regulations the Auto drivers who are carrying public passenger are required to wear Khaki Uniform while they are on duty. Similarly in some of the Government departments they issue Khaki Uniform. Wherever the Uniform is issued by the organization , the staff is expected to wear the Uniform compulsorily.
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    Khakhi is not mandatory for all public service workers, but still it is mandatory for some people like the police officials, auto and rickshaw drivers, BEST bus drivers here in Mumbai as well as the MSEDCL electricity staffs etc. When I look at other countries uniform, I found that they have some different western dressing sense, but when it comes it to India we are still using the earlier style.

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    Khaki is for :-
    One - Discipline
    Two - Identification
    Three - Easy maintenance
    Four - Low cost
    Five - Camouflaging

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    I know NTR was using Kaki uniform for sometime when he came to politics. He used to say that Kahaki colour is an indication of selfless service. The people who use this uniform will dedicate themselves to the service of the nation. This is what NTR told those days.
    The Khaki colour was chosen to help policemen during the ambush. This practice of wearing Khaki was introduced by Britishers in our country. Like many other issues, we follow directly from the British., it is also one of such things and probably we never thought of changing.e. This colour is a good option, looking at out weather condition and demographics in our country.
    Slowly some change is coming these days. We will find all traffic police is a different colour but not in Khaki. Slowly Khaki uniforms are coming down and other uniforms are coming into usage.

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