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    Why don't Indians give importance to their own treasures?

    1. Have you heard about the Brihadeeshwara Temple located at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu? The construction of this temple is simply unbelievable. The shadow of the temple falls on itself at noon. But no Indian cares about this fine architecture.

    2. The worst example of architecture is the leaning tower in Pisa. But it is considered as one of the seven world wonders.

    3. Some of us definitely heard about Meenakshi Amman Temple. This temple is dedicated to Parvati, known as Meenakshi, and her consort, Shiva, who is named as Sundareswarar. The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the ancient city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Recently this temple caught fire. The fire was controlled before it spread to the main temple. Fortunately, there was no human loss. But no Indian talks about the fire in this heritage temple.

    4. Notre Dame Cathedral church in Paris caught fire recently. The whole world is talking about it.

    Why don't we (the Indians) give importance to our architectural marvels (except Taj Mahal)?
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    An excellent thought provoking thread by the author. We have many such cultural heritage in our country but as well said that when we ourselves are not giving them respect and honour why others will consider them. That is where the judgement of a citizen lies in appreciating the heritage buildings of architectural marvel.
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    The grass on the other side of the river appears greener. Have you heard of this proverb. We Indians believe in this too much that's the reason we don't value the things within our country and worry about the things in the foreign. We really are wonderful.

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    The monuments referred to by the author are getting the importance due to them. Many people visit the Brihadeeswara Temple and the Meenakshi Temple in Tamilnadu. The Tower of Pisa is never recognized as an architectural wonder. The leaning of the tower due to the faulty foundation gave it the importance and recognized as a wonder of the world. The Notre- Dame Cathedral is much talked about because of the religious importance and Christianity is the largest religion in the world. I consider the "Kailash Temple" as the architectural marvel as far as Hindu temples are considered. Taj Mahal is known as the eternal symbol of love all over the world and much talked about and the most visited monument in India.
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    It is very true. We are not giving importance to our own treasures of heritage. There is a proverb in Kannada "hittala gida maddalla" That means a plant in the backyard is not considered as medicine.

    People visit different Countries on vacation for site seeing. India has no dearth for such places. Only we need to explore. Concerned Government departments do not give publicity about such places. It is also a fact that Government is not putting any efforts improve the infrastructure facilities, like Roads, Transportation facilities, Hotels etc.

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    Hindus and Hinduism is not for publicity. Unlike an other religion, Hindus don't drum-beat. Hindus never say - My God is a Good God: My God leads: My God saves: My God never fails, etc.

    Why should we tell the world that our temple caught fire, an inauspicious incident ! The whole world knows the Brahadeeswar temple in Tanjore and its construction. We need not drum-beat.

    Publishing an fire accident in a place is to earn the mercy of the followers to get cash for its repair work.

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    In the present day, there has been a requirement of drum-beating. Otherwise, people would start thinking that India has no architecture marvel except Taj Mahal. It is the age of publicity.
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    It is very true. There are many architectural marvels in our country. I have visited all the places mentioned by the author in the post. They are very well made architectures and we should appreciate the people who constructed these places of worship in those olden days when there were no technological aids for the people.

    In India, Hinduism and Hindus are treated very leniently by the politicians. They have scant respect for them. So they never give much importance to their places of worship. For them, these places are money generating areas only. So they never care for them and they never use them as monuments to spread the greatness of our culture and heritage.

    We also just go and visit and forget about them. We will also not give much importance to make good propaganda about the places which we feel good and stand as good examples of our culture and heritage.

    I visited Delhi many times and Agra once. But I couldn't see Tajmahal and I have seen Mini Tajmahal in Ahmed Nagar.

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    The author has raised a point to ponder about. From what I know, if we look back into the history, Europe and other developed countries were often looked upon by the world, names were in circulation by print and other media. This 'lead advantage' still gives these monuments or buildings of historical importance the extra edge when it comes to global media and familiarity.

    We Indians do respect and give awareness to our own monuments in our own way. In fact, the Indian government has release 5 rupee and 1000 rupee commemorative coins to honour the 1000 year milestone of the Brihadeeswarar temple existence. We can do better, the state governments,the ASI and the tourism department can increase the awareness of such architectural marvels.

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