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    Is BJP's Rammadhav's comments indicates BJP loosing the battle?

    BJP's National secretary Mr.Rammadhav in an interview to foreign media told that they may lose some seats due to anti-incumbency and they may not get the same number of seats in this election as in 2014. They may need the support of NDA partners. So is BJP smelling of heavy loss of seats by the 5th phase of elections itself? Why has such a statement come at an important juncture of this battle? Before elections and even in the campaign Mr.Modi saying they will get a thumping majority over 300 seats by BJP itself. Why the tone of BJP changing. Mayawati, Akhilesh are coming out with their plans to form the government. BJP party leader Dinesh Yadav, who is contesting against Akhilesh announced he will support Akhilesh or Mulayam if they stand for PM post. OM Prakash Rajbhar of Adityanadh ministry saying SP-BSP combine will definitely win this election and resigned from BJP. So political scene of 2019 fast changing in Delhi.
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    Everyone is doing predictions and the important leaders are also telling their feelings. It is difficult to make an assessment at this stage because of so many factors in our country and the long rule of congress party is still in the subconscious of the people. So one man's prediction however important portfolio he is holding cannot be taken as true.
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    The comments coming from the BJP General Secretary are significant. In 2014, BJP got 31% of the vote share. This vote share was converted to 282 seats and got the majority by itself. At that time the opposition party votes were divided. This time in 2019, the opposition party votes are likely to consolidate and BJP is likely to lose some seats. The comments of Mr. Madhav contradict the tall claims being made by others. Modiji is unable to talk on the performance of his Government as there were none. So far he resorted to polarisation and politicizing of the deeds of the Army. He now changed tracks and attacking the Congress with reference to Mr. Rjiv Gandhi, our ex-Prime Minister who is no more alive. He is invoking the Bofors case while the Dassault Rafael deal is hanging as"the sword of Damocles" over his head. The results will be known by 23-05-2019 and everything will become clear on that day.
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    Actually Mr Ramdev is not coming to media as before (2014). He is afraid of that possible new non NDA govt. will come and may take strict action on him.

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    Comments of Ram Madhav or comments of Amit Shah notwithstanding, to the author of this thread, BJP is going to lose the 2019 Lok Sabha election. He has already decided. His sweet dream will face the harsh reality (victory of BJP-led NDA with Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister) on 23rd May 2019.
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    Some are so enthusiastic about BJP's loss in their dream that they are confusing Ram Madhav with Ramdev. Great entertainment!
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    Hehe my fault to consider ram madhav as ramdev. Any ways Ram madhav is chankya for some people. I hope this chankya of BJP is telling some truth after testing the waters on ground.

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    That guy has told the fact that BJP may not get the seats as it got in 2014. It is very true that BJP would lose its seats because of SP-BSP coalition. We cannot predict the end result now. But I am sure that BJP will form Government with its allies.
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    BJP or another party will be known on the 23rd of this month. Meanwhile, we are all free to think and anticipate as we like. Some will think BJP will win and some will think BJP will lose. There is no harm.
    The BJP's National secretary Mr.Rammadhav was talking on the seats that are going to be won by BJP. He said there may be some fewer seats than previous elections. He may be telling that as some of their NDA partners who were with them earlier were not with them now. TDP was with them last time but not this time. But he never told that BJP can't form the Government. The Nation and especially many of the North India people are in very much support to BJP. So they will definitely win the majority seats and will form the government. I have no second thoughts about it.
    Till the results come everybody can think in their own way and the actual position will be known once the counting starts on 23.5.19.

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    As my Brain says BJP will win the majority seats but my heart says BJP should lose these elections. Definitely, they will lose a lot of seats what they got in 2014. Let us wait and see what will happen...
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    Go with your brain. Because if you go with your heart, it would hurt you very bitterly.
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    People are giving their opinion about the BJP whether it will win or get just sufficient numbers to make Govt or lose. There are many factors responsible for these deductions. Depending on the perception of the different people different ideas are being floated. The patriots are telling that this time BJP will sweep in the elections. All those who are Indian first and hindu or muslim or christian or parsi after that, they also believe that BJP will sweep. At the same time there are many local parties and people having affiliations to congress party who feel that BJP may just make it or lose in this election. The unemployed people will be adding to anti incumbency factor and naturally think that BJP will not come this time. So, we are a big country and there are many groups and sub groups so the outcome of the election is not an easy thing to describe. Still, one is free to predict ones judgement.
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