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    Super dancer-3 - Gymnastics overtakes Indian dance forms

    Many reality shows are being telecast by many channels on dance competitions for kids. Recently I happen to watch Super dancer 3 telecast by Sony Entertainment Television. All the contestants are excellent dancers in different forms of dances. Dancers like Rupsa who is at the age of six is marvelous. Other dancers like Tejas, Saksham, Prerna, Anwesh are also too good.

    But I have observed that the show organizers are giving more importance to Gymnastic skills performed by the children than the dance. Though the children are good in different forms of dances they are encouraged to perform more of Gymnastic skills. Are we not undermining Indian dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi , Kathak etc?
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    It is true. I rarely watch such programmes. But my sons will be watching such programmes on TV. There are some such programmes on Telugu Channels also. Kids programmes are separate. Kids these days performing very well and it will be very good to watch such programmes. But as mentioned by the author these programmes are giving more importance to western dance and Gymnastics. Even the judges give prizes to the people who performed well in gymnastics rather than the dance. No programmes are giving importance to Indian Classical dance. They all go for the other types of dances only. It will be good if some channels organise these programmes, especially for Indian classical dance competitions.
    These days kids are having very good exposure to the world and they are having many avenues to showcase their abilities. All the TV channels are encouraging people who are performing well in music and dance and other skills. That is why we are able to see good talented kids on the small screen.

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    The inclusion of the gymnasium techniques in dance was originated in many countries like Russia, China and some other nations. It has now intruding other countries also. There is already a good audience world wide for gymnasium skills and once it is mixed in Indian dance then naturally some of those audience will get attracted to it. Today there is a fusion going in everything whether it is film music or food or cultural activities or dance and drama or sport or any such other activity.

    So intermingling of societies and cultures world wide is encouraging this fusion attitude everywhere and there is no escape from it now.

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