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    An example of true friendship

    My parents came to Hyderabad one week back for attending a function. They are staying with me. My father is presently 85 years old. He did his intermediate in 1947. One of his classmates in intermediate is staying in Hyderabad only. He is presently 87 years old.
    My father wanted to meet him. He got his telephone number. yesterday I took him to his friend. I got astonished to see the way both of them are talking. They both got emotional. Friendship is lasting for almost 70 years. They were recollecting all their days in their college and they were recollecting their friends. His friend took out a tablet and showing my father the photos of both of them which he stored in the tablet. A real friendship without any selfish motto. These days I feel such friends are very rare.
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    A good and inspiring narration by the author about friendship. It is natural that if old friends meet after such a long time they will definitely become emotional. A true friendship is nurtured on the premises of good understanding and respect for each other. It is very difficult to get a good friend in life as many of the people have selfish motives and they will exploit the friends in the name of friendship. We should be careful in that matter to that extent. One can test a friend in times of adversity also as few people stand by the sides of the friends in such times.
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    Nice to see this post. Today, at about 1300 hrs, a lady called me and asked me, " Is it Sun sir? I said, "Yes." She said, "Sir, I am Hameela from Goa." I was thrilled to hear her voice after a long 30 years. I said, "O Hameela, very pleased to hear your voice after 30 years." She said, " Sir, I am retiring this month," I said, "OMG! you are 60 now. I still remember you as Hameela 30. How the years passed!" She was my good friend while I was in Goa. She worked in my office. I attended her marriage party. We spoke for about ten minutes and remembered the good old past days. She has invited me to Goa. (I don't know how she got my mobile number. I forgot to ask her.)

    When I told this to my good wife. She said, " Are you are still in contact with your good old friends of the past? I said, " No. They value my friendship and remember me even after 30 years."

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    True friendship is ever lasting. It is bonded with love and affection. The example cited by the author is one such example. In the present days we rarely get to see such belonginess.
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